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  1. Arbor knot: line to spool Uni-to-Uni knot: backing to main line on spool Improved Clinch knot: terminal tackle Lefty Kreh knot: braid-to-leader I may tie a Palomar once in a blue moon, but not often. I’ve never had an issue with the IC as far as strength or breakage, and I can tie it in my sleep. And the same applies to the Lefty Kreh knot.
  2. Lately I have been drinking jalapeño cocktails. They are so good! I make a double batch to save time, but for one cocktail it’s: Muddle one slice of jalapeño (about 1/4” thick)- add to shaker. To that, add to shaker two jiggers vodka one jigger simple syrup (made with Sugar in the Raw, not white sugar) juice of one lemon Shake well and pour over ice in an Old Fashioned glass. Garnish with thin slice of jalapeño (remove seeds) and thin slice of lemon.
  3. @Catt That’s what I use for baitcasters. Easy, inexpensive and works well.
  4. Today was my first wet line since October. Either no time or rain. Rain started this morning as well, but I was adamant. Just fished the bank. It was pretty dead. One light strike and finally this one. First bass of 2024 and no skunk! Thank you, Zoom Trick!
  5. @Eric 26 Who says I’m dumb? 😂
  6. BrianMDTX

    Buc ees

    If you gotta go during a road trip, you can’t beat their restrooms. Hands down the best. Every urinal has hand sanitizer lol. But the crowds can be crazy.
  7. @Bluebasser86 For spinning reels, agree 100% on the Daiwa Revros. I have a LT2000 and LT2500 and both are great reels. Especially for the price.
  8. I have two. No issues with either of them. I think they outcast my Fuegos.
  9. To be truthful, I have loved the smell of new tires since I was a boy. When I retire, I should get a PT job at a tire shop. I’d be happy.
  10. I got 117,000 miles out of my first set of BFG 285/70R17 TA/KO’s on my ‘05 Ram. Got 75,000 on the current set.
  11. I have braid to leader on all my spinning rigs. I love braid on a spinning reel. I have braid on my frog rig. All my other baitcasters have Big Game, or Sunline Defier.
  12. I really like my 705CB for squarebills and Whopper Ploppers (and other topwater poppers). Redundancy can be good if you have several rigs ready to go with different baits.
  13. @LrgmouthShad Yep, everything’s still green here! 88° right now.
  14. Slow morning. Caught four, missed one. Everything on a blue/black laminate 5” Senko WR. Did have one start to take a Whopper Plopper but other than that, no bites on anything else. Three were like the one in the first pic. One was decent.
  15. @TnRiver46 I am the same. Spinning is reel left-only. Baitcasting I can do both equally well (have both left and right reels).
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