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  1. Topwater bites are better than crack... at least that's what I imagine lol
  2. IIRC he's already been there and sold it all off. He's just restocking now lol right @Jmurphy87
  3. Took my buddy and our kids out on a panfish mission and boy did we crush them. The stringer pic doesn't do the size justice. Several were 12 ounces or bigger and bigger than our hands. Caught 30ish sunnies and 10ish small bass. Most fun I've had fishing in quite some time. The kids ate it up and the fish tacos we turned them into were one of the best things I've ever made even without proper shells.
  4. I reiterate my previous statement. Stud!
  5. When I grow up I wanna be like @Pat Brown lol
  6. Man McKinney with a 90 minute penalty. Swindle reported him for flying under the bridge. How's things like that work between the guys? Seems like GMan did the right thing and I don't think Trey will be crappy about it but do other guys think one way or the other about someone reporting you? Also, did anyone get the scoop on what happened with Milliken's boat yesterday?
  7. It sure was. I love watching that kid fish
  8. Some of you are aware that 2024 has been delivering blow after blow after blow to me. My wife had a miscarriage at 20 weeks and then just as we were coming out of our funk, my best friends 6 year old daughter, and my sons best friend, was killed after a driver crossed over the median and struck them head on. I haven't felt much like fishing or even paying much attention to fishing. She was buried on Friday and on Sunday I figured I should get out and try to at least enjoy the outdoors. I went to the local farm pond I can fish for an hour and a half. Wind was blowing more than expected and I figured if I was going to drag myself out to fish I was going to do it with my favorite type of lure. Tied on the new Megabass Jamaica Boa Buzzbait and got to fancasting. Got to watch a bald eagle fly around which I've never seen at this pond. About 5 minutes in, I got bumped, but so subtly I wondered if I hit a stick in the water or something similar. Cast back to the spot and missed my location. Cast back again, started reeling, and got that wonderful big topwater blowup. First bass of the year weighed in at 4.49 and for a few minutes I forgot about everything crappy going on and knew the rest of my outing wouldn't matter. Worked my way around the pond without a bite or even a sight of a fish along the way. Got to the other side where I know there's a blow down and figured there had to be a good one in it. Retrieved to the right side of it and nothing. Retrieved to the left side of it and nothing. Moved on and was casting underneath some trees with still no luck and was about to call it quits and work my way back to the other side of the pond. Something told me to take one more cast along that blow down but run it parallel to the tree. Did that and got to watch a flash of bass emerge from underneath it and destroy the buzzbait. 2nd bass of the year weighed in at 4.27. I'd never caught two 4+ pound fish from this pond in the same outing before. They didn't make all my problems go away but for 90 minutes they certainly helped me feel better. I hope any of you facing challenges in your lives can enjoy some time outside, breathe in some fresh air, and feel a little bit better, if only for a little while. We don't know how long we've got. P.s. the hits keep coming and now my kids gave me the stomach bug 😩
  9. If you can spare even $5, please help them. Their daughter died and the mother has a long road of PT ahead. Please, they're the sweetest family and don't deserve any of this.
  10. My family’s best friends are going through hell right now and I’m doing all I can to get them every ounce of support they deserve. Please keep them in your hearts. https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-strevig-family?utm_campaign=p_cp%2Bfundraiser-sidebar&utm_medium=copy_link_all&utm_source=customer
  11. Omnia: spend $49 for a year of their pro plan and get a $49 credit
  12. I feel like I'm better guessing the ones on video than my own. Too much adrenaline on my own makes me think each one is a 10 until it hits the scale as another 3.5 lol
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