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    Knoxville, TN
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    Between 8-9 lbs
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    Tennessee River

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    I like to fish the Tennessee river and all its tributaries 

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Community Answers

  1. Yeah, they have knocked it out the ball park.
  2. What the pickerel??? I’ve heard tale they are tasty (in FLA )
  3. Felt good for me knowing you got a big ole LM, we know you’ve been working at it
  4. I’ll see it no matter where you put it, love some bass pics
  5. No prob man, they were on FS1 from 11-12 then switched to network fox from 12-3. Zona said he was “neeerrrrrrvoousss” jahaha
  6. Glad that wasn’t just me, I might should have stayed home and watch fox. Live was plenty loud earlier
  7. Gussy just got his second keeper that might be enough. I’m the opposite of you @AlabamaSpothunter, I love seeing the bronze. but I follow Scott Martin on YouTube, and canterbury is on there all the time and I like him a lot. Absolutely hilarious. I met him at the 19 classic, he wasn’t in it and was working the expo Gussy winning on the same lake as our family lake house is on, I’ve been fishing there since I was 4, I really need to learn how to fish haha
  8. Got his kicker so far with a jig under a dock
  9. I don’t know if Cox even has spot lock haha
  10. Palanuik said he ran to the top of tellico and caught a 40 lb striper a 10 lb rainbow 3 lb brown trout and a 17” smallmouth he had to release . Wow hahaha
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