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  1. Pistachios Pickles Pringles Pishing rod
  2. A few years ago I looped my braid to bone white whopper plopper around a dead tree limb about 30 ft up. Well I was fishing there today and it's gone. The whole dead tree is gone. But I found a topwater today.
  3. I spent an entire spring and early summer dragging a jig over pebble bottom. Gene Hackney told me to
  4. I use a free rig if my bait is bouyant. I've convinced myself I have better connection but I often lie to myself
  5. I saw a big one snatch my river jig today but it was a swing and a miss. I still had the adrenaline rush which was fun for an old river man.
  6. I have been tying on a wet fly hook that I modify for jigging. It has a great lateral action for a river darter. I've often cleaned out a run with one.
  7. Caught a garpike on treble hooks once. No net or pliers and it would have gotten bloody but I gave him some slack and he got off by himself. Always bring pliers
  8. River smallies. Goby, darters and crayfish imitations are all good spring to summer. Come fall its baitfish. I tie and fish alot of jigs under 1/8oz.
  9. And sharp hooks. Best advice I ever got.
  10. Not sure if serious...
  11. I use the leader because I catch the braid in the hooks occassionally. That never happens when I keep my leader on.
  12. Whopper plopper I threw into the shallows on the far bank was blown up 10 times without getting a single treble hook into flesh. Totally twitching to hookset, just waiting for a bit of weight.
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