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  1. PaulVE64's post in Edmonton Riots was marked as the answer   
    Min came back against TO this year.
    GO OIL
  2. PaulVE64's post in Finesse spinning reel recommendations was marked as the answer   
    Everything in your price range is going to be worthy.
    Go to as many (local) shops and bring the rod, test out everything and likely it'll find you.
  3. PaulVE64's post in One warm day was marked as the answer   
    Final thoughts for the season (since I typically lose the smallies in early November)
    I learned the importance of patience. The power of the dead drift. 
    And the rarity of a 4# river smallie
  4. PaulVE64's post in Water temp 67 was marked as the answer   
    You need to spend time throwing the lightest tube jig you can throw and dead stick thru rocks w/ current (1/8 oz to 1/4 oz )
    On a second rod you want a 4" yum dinger texas rigged and weightless if possible.
    Smallies also love hellgramites in the spring and summer.
    And if you have shallow water any topwater, all day, everyday
    Lastly- a 1/16 oz black maribou jig in the fall thru to late spring is my favorite at that season
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