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  1. I won't be much help as our waters are not clear enough to see fish. I would have been thrilled just to view the bass and observing their movements. I do know on my own pond, the males won't touch a thing while they're guarding the fry, but as soon as they complete that responsibility, they become aggressive to the Bluegill. Clear water is a foreign language to me. Hopefully some of our northern friends can help with this as their water is so much clearer.
  2. I wish I had this picture as a full wall mural! I could stare at it for hours.
  3. Bluegill are bedding and the Bass are getting active chasing the Bluegill, especially at feeding time. When the Bluegill begin to gather in large numbers under the feed, there will be an occasional explosion. The BG scatter and return shortly. Molly, the turtle, sees me approach the dock and comes running.........well, actually I can't call that a run, but she does make her way to the dock to be hand fed. She has been here fours years now we have bonded. Not to the point of me actually letting her take food from my hand, but she would if I would let her. I just don't want her to clamp down on a finger and then I'd have to wait "till it thundered", before she would let go, if you believe that old woodsmen tale. I'm not takin' chances. I'll let her get within an inch but then the food gets dropped on her head! I chickin' out every time.
  4. Gosling update! Gigi's bunch are growing and starting to feather out. Unfortunately she is also taming them to accept the presence of people. She brings them up to the house every day to raid the chicken feed and lounge in the yard. Also, they continue to do a great job fertilizing the yard, drive, walkway, deck, ect. My wife loves them so they get to do what they please. Got to really watch where you step around my place.
  5. 21.5 is a monster down here! Can't help you with the curly tail although Kalins and Mr. Twister may have something in the same color, just not with the appendage. Were you Texas rigging or using an exposed hook?
  6. Weatherman said 90% chance of rain so I said, "I'm in"! Started out Fishing Lake Nickajack in the hope of catching a few Shellcracker to put in my pond. Looks like I was late because I only caught two little ones and burnt up half the day. There were only three boat trailers at the ramp and that's like only three fans at a Yankee Game.....it just doesn't happen! I practically had the lake to myself on a Saturday! Well, I soured on the Shellcracker so I loaded the boat for the short trip below Nickajack Dam to get to my beloved river. Once again, nobody on the river all day. It rained and drizzled all day but as you can see in the pictures, I have an enormous umbrella over my boat. I stay mostly dry in the rain, and I am in the shade on the sunny days. Didn't take long for the Smallies to find my Zoom Speedworm in the light current. Wish I wouldn't have wasted most of it with the Shellcrackers but the two hours I did have were magical. Got my first 20+" Smallie of the year, as well as one over 18. Caught several other good fish and lost a couple others before the wind picked up and the bite stopped. The umbrella is great for vertical rain but not so much when it blows horizontal. Ended up in a storm and rain in the face for three miles as I motored back to the ramp. Umbrella pole bent and one frame member snapped. Drove home soaked but that is what we do! Used to keep a change of clothes in my truck but somewhere I got away from common sense. Need to re-visit! Worked on umbrella Sunday and am ready to go!
  7. Katie that is so above awesome! I am several shades of green envy right now! That's more quality fish than I've caught all year! Can't wait to see your pictures when the weather warms up and they start really eating! The bottle opener in the last picture reminds me of my fishing trip with Roadwarrior Wednesday. He had a bottle he really wanted to open but did not have an opener. He persisted with a pair of fishing pliers until he "Got 'er DONE"! Good for a real good laugh! Of course the drink wasn't cold by then but he really didn't seem to mind!
  8. I used to wade the Cypress swamps back home. Loved it! But I'm not wading there!
  9. Prayers for you and your wife. Hope it's nothing serious. It's always scary just the same.
  10. Kent gave me a tip on the weatherman......if he says winds will be 5-10 MPH, add those together for the TRUTH!
  11. Alex, Kent actually has two DD's from Pickwick to his credit! I think the lake record is 12 something. No doubt he knows the lake, and was more than willing to show me his honey holes. After watching me fish, I'm sure he knew his honey holes were in no danger!
  12. No we fished above the dam on the main lake. We will go below the dam this fall.
  13. Absolutely! Love those dark, rainy, foggy kind of days!
  14. Shout out to my gracious host who took me fishing on beautiful Pickwick lake yesterday! Pickwick is the 2nd to last of the TVA chain of lakes impounding the Tennessee River. Pickwick is known for it's DD Largemouths as well as terrific Smallmouth fishing. It is also a very scenic lake with deep, clear water and numerous islands, coves, creeks, and bluffs. Well, the trip started as expected with Roadwarrior taking the early lead. Kent kept the lead all day until a late rally by Blue Raider Bob tied the score and we finished the day even. Only casualty was the trolling motor tightening knob which the guest broke. In spite of that, BRB was invited for a second trip in the fall. Not only that, but lunch was provided as well in the form of a huge pastrami and cheese sandwich that Dagwood would have been proud of! This resulted in my having to take a nap standing up while I fished, and get a to-go box for my usual rack of ribs on the way home. So grateful to have made such great BR friends over the past couple of years! Roadwarrior is fishing Pickwick again today so I am looking forward to the results! Thanks again Roadwarrior!
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