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    Fished since dad would take me. Now over 60 and still playing in the water!

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  1. Dude! Are you really wading through the swamps? I grew up waist deep in swamps and my wife told me something was wrong with me so many times, I was beginning to believe it. Now I know I'm not alone! There's something wrong with BOTH of us!
  2. Although we are in the minority, I second this. Quit fishing leaders years ago and don't miss them at all. Use Sufix 832 10lb. and fish rocky rivers. When I feel a slight roughening of my line near the lure, I retie. I don't like the trouble of the leader knot. Just one more thing to go wrong.
  3. Yep... them, skeeters, ticks, biting flies, and those pesky Deer Flies that make you wish you would have remembered your hat. They can all go rot!
  4. I second, third, and fourth that!😟
  5. Great news Alex! Lots of prayers from your BR buddies that your infusions get you well!
  6. I ran out of fingers and toes on this one but here goes......52 Bass in 4 hours equals 13 Bass per hour or a bass every 4.61 Minutes. Katie, I am speechless! I am not even deducting time for launching and recovery, much less travel time to and from fishing spots. To say you were at the top of your game would be like saying Tenzig Norgay could climb! I'll put on my Captain Obvious Suit and state that you may be the most prolific producer ever. The only angling level we share equally is our love of our sport. That's were our comparison ends! I won't catch that many quality fish all year! Keep it up!
  7. The Cicada buffet is waning, much to the disappointment of the pond critters and the owner. To set up this observation, please let me explain. My pond is within six inches of full pool and I am holding back until my aquatic plantings have established. Meanwhile as seen in the photo, I have a line of mature crabapple trees that have branch tips overhanging the water. I have discovered that Cicadas love crabapple trees. While the Hackberries, Elms, Oaks, ect. are nearly bare, the crabapples and willows are loaded. One real good shake of a low limb sends a cloud of them flying. Another thing is Cicadas are not very strong fliers. OF the cloud that takes to the wing after a limb shake, the majority fly out over the pond and circle back to the Crabapples. Most make it back but there are always several splashdowns. This brings me to my observations about fish behavior that I wanted to share. It did not take long for the LM and BG to associate me with mealtime. There is a pack of seven LM about 15" that follow my every move. This group includes several BG and younger bass. If I walk down the bank, the bass follow. If I walk halfway around the pond, the bass follow. If I sit in my pond chair and relax, I have a school of bass and BG staring at me from three feet away. When I toss Cicadas into the pond, the fish react with lightning speed. Two weeks ago only the boldest took a Cicada near my position. Now, I can practically hand feed them, they are so inured to my presence and generosity. How does this help my fellow anglers? I do not know, but it may be of interest to some. Bass are definitely quick learners (and BG), and they stubbornly stick to know food sources. One other observation of interest......LM and other fish use visual, as well as vibrational means to locate food sources. In my observations, the vibrational are not as important as I once thought. This is what I mean by that. If a struggling Cicada is within 5' of a visible LM, the Cicada is doomed. Past the 5' radius, the Cicada stands a good change of surviving the LM. In addition, a Cicada that is dead, or too weak to move, will be passed over by the LM every time. The Cicada MUST show movement before it is consumed. Not so with BG. They will investigate all possibilities and readily consume dead and weak insect. This tells me that even though we use lures with vibrations to target LM, we must get within a closer radius with our offering than I once thought. The visual radius could possibly be even smaller.
  8. Katie, 169 acres is a lake! I've got a "pond". If 169 acres qualifies as a "pond in Maine, then what I have would be considered a pot-hole! Congrats on the heavy lifting and thanks for sharing. I feel like I was there getting rained on with you.
  9. No your not! My job productivity has been in freefall since I joined up! That's OK because my BR friends are worth it!
  10. Murph, your getting into dangerous territory again. Gimruis said he was taking a break from hair enforcement citations, he didn't say he was giving it up! You and Bazoo are poking the bear!
  11. This picture is going up on my wall. Too beautiful not to see EVERY day!
  12. You're my hero Murph! Love your attitude and determination!
  13. Dang Dwight!!! What are those fish eating? I've never seen bass so fat. Is it solely the Gobies, or is there another food source that creates those Erie Giants?
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