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  1. Dalton went 0-5 in one stretch then started hitting bombs from the parking lot, along with a MAJOR PHI SLAMMA JAMMA on a perfect feed! You just can't coach that! They still need lots of work on free throws 😬
  2. Yeah and I was nervous as heck when Auburn went up by five and stayed at five for a while. I need to stay away from basketball and keep fishing. Less strain on the inards!
  3. Yes, we got the storms in middle Tennessee earlier in the day. Temps dropped from 70's to 40's. Muy frio!
  4. I try to make a yearly pilgrimage to Dale Hollow. I've caught a few but I've yet to land a big one. When you do go, make sure its not a summer weekend. The lake is crowded with jet skis and wake boats. It is also full of big crappie and sunfish. There are monster shellcrackers to be had in the spring.
  5. Eric broke out the inline spinner!!!! Reminds me to fish it more often this year. Just the durn thing hangs everything below air level. Stumps, grass, sticks, and fish.
  6. Katie, MN Fishers got that Viking thing going on too! I used to, but if you notice my Avatar, chasing those green and brown river devils have turned my Red Beard into the color of sausage gravy! Either the bass did it or raising kids..........marriage......taxes....or the bait monkey! All the above!
  7. Thanks for the laugh Katie! I really needed it this morning!
  8. These are the fishiest looking soft baits ever. My problem now is all my rivers are high and muddy. Looks like I'll be waiting awhile to try them. I'm sure they will get bit on lakes as well. I can just see all little BG's pecking these all the way to the boat!
  9. I've got a thread, "Show your fishing holes", in the Smallmouth site. Please add your water body to that one. I sit at my desk and peruse everyone's fishing spots while I turn a dark green with envy! Kind of like self-mutilation without the physical pain. My man cave has got a big picture of Ray Roberts reservoir kindly shared by thediscochef.
  10. Real nice spot! I get pretty excited when I can get spots in the three pound range. I've only had a few but they keep me coming back.
  11. I'm laughing at the weather explanation, not your lower unit misfortune. 🙂 You are right on about the wind. It is only calm during the summer when it is needed.
  12. That is a possibility, but I didn't think that a little bit of water could explode it. And the bearing carrier is outside the sealed housing. The prop was not damaged, so nobody ran into my boat while I was having dinner or anything. Just an expensive mystery. I found a lower unit in Minnesota so I'm back in business in a week or so. It wasn't easy, or cheap to find a lower unit for a 47 year old engine. I'm glad you found some hungry smallmouth. Maybe I'll find some too!
  13. Just got my order, on the Helgipedes. Can't wait to drift the river with these. thanks
  14. 2024 Has started out to be the toughest yet, but yesterday I unknowingly took Murphy with me. Went to Lake Nickajack, one of the Tennessee River impoundments, and the first thing I do is back in without putting in the plug. Well, a few choice words and labor fixed that, so back to the ramp to launch. Warmed up the Merc and shifted into gear....only no gear....no forward, no reverse, no matter what. Resigned myself to fishing within trolling distance but the weather man was wrong again. The light 5mph winds were on somebody else's lake. The blistering north winds froze my fingers and celebrated another skunking. Packed up, went home to ck on gear linkage, but ended up staring at a busted lower unit housing! Keg broken off, bearing carrier shattered, and housing cracked open. For the life of me, I don't remember ever being in that wreck! I hit some rocks on the Cumberland two years ago, but I never noticed the housing busted. Can't explain this one but perhaps Murphy can. Searching for a lower unit now and hopefully I'll fish alone next time!
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