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    Between 6-7 lbs
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    Inland Lake, Neely Henry, Guntersville
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    Family, 2A, Zombiepocalypse books (yup), college football, getting older (not so much)

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    Retired after 45+ years in printing and web hosting

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  1. My condolences on your loss Ken
  2. Bama vs Auburn @ Auburn this Saturday. Same 'ol rivalry, may be same 'ol score. Again. 😕 Maybe Freeze will pull a rabbit out of his hat
  3. I did my job to the best of my ability right up to the end of my last shift. I dislike slackers...
  4. According to the DNS information it's the same outfit. Both hosted at Shopify
  5. What rod/reel were you using? Between my eyes and this old laptop I'm having a heck of a time seeing it. 😛
  6. While I do like the Miravel I'm planning on the Nasci next due to the price point and having been hands-on with one recently.
  7. Pretty much anything with a treble hook! I think they try to get even 🤔
  8. Know it’s a tad more pricey but Sufix 832 braid in 20# is smooth as glass and flows off the spool like no other line I’ve tried before.
  9. It’s been a bit too hot for me as well. With my laundry list of health problems I’m not pushing it outside. Been working on our camper lately doing some much needed remodeling but it has a/c so not bad. I hold off fishing until late afternoon or early evening. Same here after a company run. It was in New Jersey though back in 1980. Think the D. I.s dumped everyone’s canteen on me that afternoon. ?
  10. I ditto what @Captain Phil said. I’ve had the same surgeries as his other than the S1 and am able to fish again albeit not like I did before. I’ll take it over not fishing ?
  11. I haven’t run across any sticking so far on the 4 I have (2 Nexave/2 Sahara FJs). Had them for a year now +/-. How old are yours? When was the last time they were cleaned/lubricated?
  12. ScottW

    Howdy Pals!

    Hey Poot! Welcome!
  13. Right as you make ‘that cast’ to where you saw a lot of bait fish being blown up you feel a tickle on your left ankle and look down to see the biggest, hairiest spider you’ve ever seen. True story and yes, I screamed like a little girl.
  14. Lots of cliche’s here. All I’ll say is be true to yourself and don’t be a sheep. We all were born with a brain. Up to each one of us to use it wisely.
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