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    West Metro, Twin Cities, MN, USA, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way
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    Between 4-5 lbs
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    Lake Minnetonka; North Arm, Phelps Bay: Dutch Lake: Little Long Lake; Whaletail Lake
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    Scale Modeling, woodworking

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    Panfish/Bass/Trout are my targets, mainly catch-release, but I'll keep some for dinners.

    Rigs: Bass
    Diawa CA-80XS 8.3:1 / 7'6" Dobyns Fury 765FLIP
    Diawa Fuego CT-XS 8.1:1 / 7' Diawa Aird-X H/F
    JDM Daiwa 19 Tatula TW 100H 6.3:1 / 7'2" St Croix Victory MH/M
    Pflueger Supreme XT 6.4:1 / 7' Dobyns Fury (705CB)
    Pflueger Patriarch 7.1:1 / 7'3" Victory H/MF
    JDM Daiwa 19 Tatula TW 100H 7.1:1 / 7' Dobyns 704C
    Diawa Fuego CT-HS 7.3:1 / 7' Diawa Aird-X MH/F
    Pflueger Supreme 7.1:1 / 7' Dobyns Fury 703C
    Pflueger Patriarch 7.9:1 / 6'8" St Croix Victory M/XF
    Pflueger President XT 7.3:1 / 6'6" Daiwa Aird-X M/F
    Pflueger Supreme-30 / 7' Okuma Reflections MH/F
    JDM Shimano 22 Miravel 2500 / 7'1" St Croix Mojo Bass M/F
    JDM Shimano 21 Ultegra FC 1000 / 7' Diawa Procyon L/F

    Rigs: Panfish
    Pflueger President XT-LE 30 / 7'0" Okuma Celilo L/MF
    Lews Wally Marshall Signature 100 / 7'0" Okuma Reflexions-A ML/MF
    Mitchell Avocet RZT-1000 / 7'0" Dobyns Fury 702SF
    Pflueger President 25 / 7'6" Okuma Celilo UL/F

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Community Answers

  1. ^ Listen to the man where part of his job was enforcing boat regulations on the 'high seas'...he knows what he's talking about.
  2. Tash is 'gender-fluid' - meaning that sometimes they consider themselves a 'he' and sometimes they're a 'she'. Ergo - the they/them pronoun. Has no relation to being gay...so 'gaydar' would not register.
  3. Berkley Pit Boss Berkley Chigger Craw Zoom Brush Hog/Baby Brush Hog Missile D'Stroyer
  4. FG should be fine - that's what I use for night-before prep with YZH. If I need to replace a leader on the water - Alberto
  5. When I rebuilt the F-9, I used LED hull mounted for the bow instead of the dome style. Several people, including a DNR EO commented that it 'looked cool' - and the DNR EO even mentioned that 'Yes, we know that they're valid and legal'.
  6. My spinner/chatter rig is a 7'0" MH/MF with 15#FC - not quite as much 'give' as a full Mod, but enough backbone to set the heavier hooks and enough action to keep them pinned.
  7. Long as it wasn't a 3-hour tour. Myself - I could probably go two seasons Will I? Probably not.
  8. On a fast rod, definitely. And don't assume that 'new out of the package' hooks are sharp...I've come across dull ones.
  9. And Brian has gone classic with B&W photos. Any catch is a good catch....
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