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    Work in Mental Health Industry with adolescents. I enjoy fishing smaller streams for smallmouth bass. I have been making custom lures since 2014. I make spinnerbaits, hair jigs, silicone jigs, wooden jerkbaits and crankbaits. I mostly enjoy making unique, original creations that combine multiple materials/ color combinations.

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  1. Once you do it a few times it will go faster. Me personally, i like to use hackle pliers for palmering
  2. My 7’ mhf baitcaster has caught me a ton of smallies on 1/4-1/2 oz jigs and spinnerbaits. For jigs you just need to pick the right head shape to work on the bottom. It doesnt just need to be a finesse cut jig either. I use alot of hybrid jig type stuff with a full skirt and 3.8to 4” size paddletail for swimming or a flappy craw style trailer for dragging and hopping. also, a higher gear reel is perfectly fine for what u want to do. Here is a jig setup that has slayed em. Only issue is i have a hard time keeping northern off this one.
  3. Been back at making glides. The 130 is oak is a sinker but has a great roll and s action when fished fast, the 168 is poplar with a very heavy float and a nice little s-action barely on top. Still learning but im taking notes. The 168 was painted with krylon spray bombs. Silver crome, a metallic red and silver, black gold and purple glitter paints.
  4. I’ve thought the same. I have buddies that go up to detroit every spring and those would be perfect for them.
  5. I always start with the clevis size. The style of head really doesnt matter. The clevis needs to freely rotate without binding. I alsodont like to fish a front bead because i have experience binding there as well.
  6. I’ve done a #8 indiana and #6 willow but not a #8 colorado on a 3/4 oz. The #8indiana ran nicely. I’m guessing the #8 colorado would have to be slow rolled to keep it off the surface.
  7. The only way i know to make a finished bait more boyant is to downsize the hardware. You could try the floating strips that are out there
  8. You would be better off picking up a berkley lightning rod. I’m pretty sure they probably have a med/fast in 6’ to 6’6”. The ugly stick gx2’s arent bad these days and they dont feel like a broomstick anymore either. I got a 6’ spinning model for my son last year and it feels decent.
  9. I have gad 2 speed spools that functioned great until i took them apart to oil them. The knock on them is the bearings arent sealed so they need to be maintained. Atleast thats my understanding. They also dont work if you lose pieces or dont put em together correctly. 🤦‍♂️
  10. Yup. I have 2 Lews that i cant use because i decided to take them apart and couldnt get them back together. Never again. I will pull off the brake sidecover and remove the spool but thats it.
  11. I would go 1/8 oz with a small kahlins or zoom grub in 3 or 4”. We just got a bunch of rain so rivers are up around here. I would go with orange, yellow or white. Look for current seams. They are spots in the river where an obstruction causes part of the river to flow backwards.
  12. What gear ratio you guys prefer? I’ve always been under the impression a moderate gear ratio would be best for these kind of baits. I’m working in current so i have to be able to move some line.
  13. Digging the paint on those walleye heads. What did you use?
  14. What are some good option for a baitcaster under $150 for light cranks and jerkbaits- 3/16-3/8 oz berkley flicker shads, shad raps, 75-100 size jerkbaits.
  15. Couldn’t help myself, i just orded the 7’10” HF. Putting it with the Cardiff 300 i just picked up barely used with a full brand new spool of braid for $60
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