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    Work in Mental Health Industry with adolescents. I enjoy fishing smaller streams for smallmouth bass. I have been making custom lures since 2014. I make spinnerbaits, hair jigs, silicone jigs, wooden jerkbaits and crankbaits. I mostly enjoy making unique, original creations that combine multiple materials/ color combinations.

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  1. I have a big swath of it if you want to make a trade
  2. I have deer belly hair in my barlows cart. The ones i made were body hair/ rump hair off bucktails. I have a brassy packer in my cart as well. I’ve been watching a ton of videos lately. I will check him out. I used UTC 140. Its what i’ve been using for everything for the last couple years. i havent done much flyfishing in general. I bought a 7:8 weight a couple years ago but never really put any time into it. i’ve tied about 25 bucktail flies to pull for walleye plus a couple spey flies and one galloups bang-tail. I’ll post pictures once i take some. I need to finish some hair jigs so i’m prepared for the spring bite. Got distracted by fly tying and about out of my jig patterns. A few pictures i do have.
  3. Thank you. Definitely struggled getting that little mousy one packed. I think i lost as much as i put on. Just have to keep practicing. My natural hair was very short and it kept inverting on me and i broke the thread a couple times. Havent tried it out yet to see what the zonker does. my green frog i did test out and it floats and pushes water. The legs kick nicely. I didnt pack that one as tight as i could have so we will see how it holds up.
  4. Fastest tie i think i’ve ever done. Bear hair is rediculously easy and it produced the first smallie of the year.
  5. Trying my hand at spinning deer hair. Its definitely a learning curve. Cant wait for the summer frog bite.
  6. If you thread tie your skirts you can make it flair by tying with close tight wraps up against the head. You can do the same to the inside skirting by tying tight up against the collar on the jig shank.
  7. I really like 3” and 4” largo shad. They have really good body roll and present a nice profile. Because of the body roll aspect they double nicely as swim jig trailers. (I have to say though, its hard to beat a 4” easy shiner, espesially when they are alittle more finicky.
  8. Are you thinking suspending, slow-rising, floater?
  9. Modified poison tail head. I like .031 super-stainless.
  10. I love my ml/xf st croix bassx but i sure wouldnt be using a 1/4 oz texas rig with it unless i was in a real pinch. For that presentation i would definitely start at medium action. As I said i love my bassx but ive never used anything higher end than that. For me and my budget that was a high end rod (i know that in reality it isnt). Im really not sure how much more i could gain going more expensive. I use it for 1/16 to 1/4 hair jigs and I love the feel and an occasional wacky rig or ned rig.
  11. My experience with bait roll has to do with match blade size to the head, having the bait properly tuned and head style. I think wire length has an affect but havent experimented on that enough to be sure. I find a head with more of a keel style runs more try than a bullet style, especially in current. (Love the modified poison tail for this reason). I also think maybe swivel spin freedom has something to do with it as i theorize more blade rpms would result in more roll but this is also unfounded. an example of matching blade to weight is i run a 3/4 oz weight with #6 willow and i can burn it under the surface with zero roll and plenty of lift (also a ridiculous amount of vibration). A 1/4 oz with tandom 4’s is prone to roll burned but a 3.5’s wont. as for the willow/colorado. J experience more roll burned if i use too big of a colorado but i havent been fishing a tone of those in a long time since i started making my own.
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