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    Work in ag industry. I enjoy fishing smaller streams for smallmouth bass. I have been making custom lures for approximately 7 years. I make spinnerbaits, hair jigs, silicone jigs, wooden jerkbaits and crankbaits. I most enjoy making unique, original creations that combine multiple materials/ color combinations.

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Community Answers

  1. This pattern has done very well around places bluegill are a main storage source.
  2. Same reason a bucktail jig in brown or green actually resembles a craw moving along the bottom.
  3. This looks like it could be an interesting neko rig option. What type of boyancy does it have?
  4. Im talking 35-45 degree water throwing wither bucktail or living rubber on a small 1/8-3/8 oz head and 1/0-2/0 hook. Are guys going chunk, craw, beaver? Im fishing in a middle sized river with a ton of rock.
  5. Its crossed my mind more than once, especially when i brush out the underfur.
  6. Just picked up a few packs of those this winter as well. Havent done much with em yet, but they look really good in the water. Zoom finesse worms and senkos are the other go to’s for me.
  7. Gulp leach is a real sleeper. I dont use it enough.
  8. Tactical Bassin actually addressed this in one of their spinnerbait videos. If I remember correctly, he suggested playing with trailers to create more drag. I actually never even noticed baits were doing this until I saw that video. In my experience, blade size to weight can matter. My 3/8 oz baits with double 3.5 willows run flat, even when burned (thats what i built them for, burning in current). If i throw a big #5 willow on the same bait, the bait will run with a more vertical pitch. You will also experience more roll over at the same speeds. But conversely, the bigger blade provides more lift and you can keep the bait high in the water column at a slower speed.
  9. I fish very rocky rivers for smallmouth and walleye. I bought a st croix bass x 6’10” ml/xf last year and absolutely love it for hair 1/16 to 1/4 oz. 1/16 is definitely on the light side and while it can handle 3/8 oz ok, i prefer to step up to a med action. 3/32 to 1/4 is definitely the sweet spot. I use 10lb power pro braid. The sensitivity is excelent. For your price point I hear alot of good things about the st croix avid series. I paired it with a 3000 size diawa in the $50 range (i dont remember the model but it does the job).
  10. Thats what i was using. My river is pretty murky so i dont think it matters. You can always do two swivels. 1 stacked on the other
  11. Thats the idea, you are getting more action in the current because it can sway back and forth, much like a minnow. The 3 way is traditionally a walleye drifting or trolling. Typically they will use live bait. Its a great way to cover water in rivers without getting snagged the way a lindy rig or bottom bouncer would.
  12. Anyone ever tryed this. Its a 3way swivel with a weight off one end and a line to a hook or lure on the other. Its very popular for walleye using live bait. Anyways, i tryed one with a bucktail fly and actually ran into a nice little smallie. Pretty cool. Its kinda like a drop shot in some ways but also different. As long as the fly has boyancy, it will stay off the bottom and dance in the current. You can fish it pretty much deadstick and it’ll look like a minnow holding in the current.
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