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  1. How many were you able to sneak back with you? I know they had a 5" Shad shape worm years ago as I bought some from Ebay. Allen
  2. Guess all the Pre-Rapala ones I had were duds? Had both the brown and green phantom craws and never caught a single fish on them. Tried them for 3 years giving them a fair chance then sold them when they were going for crazy money. Allen
  3. This is my experience as well but some baits just work better than others. I t-rig all of these most of the time except for the baby brush hog and Zcraw. Baby brush hog gets fished on a shakeyhead, Zcraw on a wobblehead. Top 5 Smallie Beaver Baby Brush Hog Super Hog Power Hawg Zoom Zcraw Allen
  4. Made this one trying to duplicate the Yamamoto "Natural Shad" color and it works way better than expected. Allen
  5. Swim jig heads I am finishing up in 3/8 and 1/4oz. Going to add either a single wire or screwlock keepers. Allen
  6. Revenge always made the best bluegill color. Allen
  7. So I found a bunch of GP 1/4oz chatterbait heads that I honestly don't remember buying. Figured I would throw on some smaller blades and skirts to see how it would turn out. I like it but wish the hooks were smaller. Allen
  8. For the life of me I cannot tie anything! Jigs, guides, whatever. Your stuff always looks great so I try again only to realize why I quit in the first place. Allen
  9. Concerning blanks you can buy I find they are hit or miss. Some work great and others are not worth the time you spent painting them. I have some Vision Jr blanks from 2 different places in my garage to paint. One is decent meaning it works but it will never perform like a true MB bait. The others are so terribly weighted I just use them to practice painting. If you want to get into airbrushing lures I recommend a Harbor Freight airbrush compressor ($40) and a Master airbrush from Ebay ($18). Allen
  10. Evergreen JT 95, Wooden Sammy 100, and if you can find one a Balsa Bull or Balsa Pro. Allen
  11. If you are fishing creeks for SM I recommend the Zman TRD Bug. For 2022 it was the best bait for numbers of bass especially SM in the local creeks. Allen
  12. I post any upcoming shows in the North East forum that are local to me. Scored 8 MB Vision 110's NIP for $100 once. Allen
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