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    ICast 2024

    Only saw one or two lures I would buy? Last year Berkeley won a price for knocking off a JDM bait and this year it looks like Do-It did the same. Allen
  2. Can't believe I am seeing flukes and buzzbaits on this thread? Topwater has been horrible this year for me so far. That said besides a popper nothing works as well or is easier to catch fish on than a buzzbait. Allen
  3. Same thing here! Caught 2 fish on the full size after cutting the head off down to the top of the arms. Allen
  4. Size 5.5 Indiana blades arrived this week. Can't wait to try them out on some baits. Allen
  5. Right now anything! River is low, clear, and hot so nothing is working. Allen
  6. Didn't even know they made lures only rods/reels. Allen
  7. My most memorable catches that were not bass in no particular order: 1.17lb Carp on a Baby Brush Hog during a tournament. 2. 20" Brown trout on a bass tube. 3. About a 20lb Flathead catfish on a Keitech creature bait. 4. Me at 6' a Bluecat that when standing holding it chest level, tail touched the boat on a swim jig. 5. Caught 2 Redfish at the mouth of the Chickamuxen (However you spell it) off the Potomac river that I though were Stripers on a spinnerbait. Now I caught a ton of different species fishing for bass that are gamefish. As such I don't consider Walleye, Pike, Musky in this category. Non-Fish catches 1. Owl picked up a Jitterbug off the surface of a pond. 2. Bat on a popper (There is a thread of this). 3. Beaver hooked in the side with a crankbait. 4. Snapping turtle on a Baby Brush Hog. 5. Northern water snake that hit a Berkeley Gulp worm. Allen
  8. Carolina rig gets snagged too much and I can't keep sunfish off a drop shot bait. Allen
  9. Rarely do I use one that light but when I do its a Stanley. I make most of my own spinnerbaits and if I need something small I pour a 1/4oz on a cut down frame. Allen
  10. My favorite soft plastic color overall in green pumkin followed by solid black. Below are my favorite colors from different manufacturers that are not common colors. Yamamoto= Natural shad, its a smoke with sparce black and gold flake. For clear water nothing else looks as much like a minnow to me so it is a tie between this and GP for top senko color. SK= Crawdaddy which is brownish/black and orange. Can't think of another company that makes a color like this. RI= California 420, hate the name but this is a great color period. Zoom= Scuppernong, this is just a translucent brown that works in clear water. The biggest bass I caught in the Potomac River (6-7) was on this color. Gitzit= Brown, looks black until you hold it up to the light. Keitech= Natural craw, GP no flake over brown/orange bottom. This color just looks like the crayfish in our area and works. Baits are not very durable. So, what does everyone else like? Allen
  11. Started giving away tackle to HS teams as a way to get rid of it. Figured in the past 4 years I have donated about $1200 worth of tackle to 5 different teams. Got a jersey, hoodie, and a hat from the different coaches of the teams. Allen
  12. I have a couple packs of these around somewhere? The 4" baits seem a little too big for me. Allen
  13. Got tired of replacing new never used lures in the tackle box with newer lures each year. Bought less than 5 new lures to try this year and some line that's it. Started a fishing stuff cull in garage already. Allen
  14. Sometimes there is a subtle difference between baits that we cannot see? The Popper was listed as one of these baits. I have like 15 different brands/models of poppers and can say they are not all the same. Balsa poppers like the Splash-It and Rico are more of a finesse topwater bait. The Spash-It has been a top producer for the past 2 years over my other poppers when the water is hot and clear. Allen
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