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  1. I know he was selling off his bass fishing gear after he moved to the coast with family. Started posting year in 2006 I think? Does that make me an old timer? Allen
  2. Going to try out the deep diving jerkbait technique A-Jay posted a video about. I catch tons of fish on a jerkbait in 8 FOW or less. Allen
  3. Have you checked Cast Industries? Largest U.S. Manufacturer of Lead Fishing Tackle (castind.com) Allen
  4. Lucky Craft Mann's Bandit Strike King Rebel Daiwa Rapala If I had to pick 7 these are the Top 7 companies I go with. Allen
  5. Practical experience using them is the bill is squared off on some of the baits making them run shallower. Colors are more suited for salt or brackish water and the hooks are duratin instead of black nickel. I have one I have been using for over 10 years for SM that works. Allen
  6. Personally I have been impressed with the FA (Fine Art) painted baits. Just need to find a FA Wagasaki 110+ Jr (Its like the FA Ghost Wagasaki on your chart without the purple on the tail. Allen
  7. Its 1/8oz, 1.5", 2-5' diver Allen
  8. This bait is 1.5" and weighs 1/8oz.
  9. This is the lure I am most looking forward to this year. Based on the shallow clear water I fished all last summer this should work. Allen
  10. Ordered some baits lately and this is one of them that showed up. I knew it was going to be smaller than average but I am not sure if I have a rod light enough to throw it? This thing should catch some fish! Allen
  11. Flukes catch fish of all sizes for me not just smaller fish. During the summer usually the biggest fish caught is on a fluke or topwater. Allen
  12. Amazes me when people say they are not using Flukes or a similar bait? I got started fishing a Fluke style bait with the Slug-go back in like 1989? Fished one of the Jr BassMasters Tournaments at 14 and the adult boat captain was asking me for tips after I caught so many fish. From May to October I have a Fluke tied on as it works so well. Only use a few colors as well; Pearl white, Albino, and a Grayish bait I pour myself in the Yamamoto color Natural Shad. Allen
  13. Here is my take on learning to fish a jig to simplify things: 1.If you can fish a T-Rig you can fish a jig, only difference I find is with a jig bigger fish will just knock slack in the line. 2. Use the same colors in jigs that you use in soft plastics, KISS principle applies here. 3. Trailers= Keep it simple here as well, chunk style and something that moves water (doubletail grub, Rage craw, Chigger craw, or something similar) and colors should match the jig skirt to start. 4. Weight = You something slightly heavier than your T-Rig. Jig with a trailer will fall slower than a T-Rig of the same weight. Don't go too much heavier as 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2oz cover most situations. 5. Try lions-cut or fine cut skirts if you want more of a finesse presentation. To really simplify things try this jig with a Zoom Super Chunk Jr trailer. Products (siebertoutdoors.com) Allen
  14. Hole-In-One finesse skirt. Allen That's hand tied with thread pushed tight against the head then cut short. Send a message to smalljaw67 and ask him as he is the expert on hand tying jigs. Personally I cannot tie s**t using thread or I would help. Allen
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