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    Lake Erie for smallmouth
    Stick Marsh, St Johns River, Rodman & Lake Toho for largemouth

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    Other fish species pike lake trout musky steelhead walleye perch brown trout

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  1. As I remember years ago they had a 20% discount but only 15% last few years.
  2. Absolutely beautiful. The colors & contrast are so brilliant & vivid. Don't hesitate to show us more.
  3. Try loosening the spool tension control knob almost completely. Then try moving the latch to the open position.
  4. She was a class act & a very talented entertainer that never looked her age.
  5. Get your butt up to Lake Erie for smallie fishing prespawn in April or May. You will catch a 5lber with a good chance at a 6 lber.
  6. Mexican bass love Yellow Magic in the magnum size 1/2 oz. I also heard a rumor that spro popping frogs work well down there cast right on the bank.
  7. Beautiful fish. Love the coloration. Congrats.
  8. Depending on the outcome Jimmy Butler is a serious contender for the playoff MVP as well. Both players have carried their teams on their backs.
  9. Take a look at the Loomis IMX Pro 901 S SJR it's 7'-6". Also check with @A-Jay and @Will Wetline they both are hair jig experts.
  10. X2 the 844 will do everything the 843 will do but with heavier baits. And it will handle bigger baits than the 1oz rating if needed.
  11. @gimruis You had a true quality outing congrats to you & your dad. @AlabamaSpothunter Nice score on that new bait. I haven’t got mine wet yet but you just motivated me.
  12. Your much better off if they total it out. If they repair it you loose money at the other end in trade in value or resale because of the accident report that follows your vin.
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