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  1. I got one a few weeks ago, and it's really good. I did a side by side blind with some friends, and 4 of us were split 50/50 between this release, and the 2020 special release. If you can get it for SRP (~$75) it's a great bottle. There's nothing that stands out about it IMO. I prefer MM46, or even MMCS over it.
  2. I just don't understand people who have dogs, that don't treat them like they are part of the family...
  3. Are you going by yourself? Also, it's good that you did all of that preventative maintenance, but take it out for a 30 minute trip and see if it all panned out, such as checking the trailer bearings, running your engine on muff ears a few days before you go. Sounds like a fun trip though!
  4. Augustiner Edelstoff, my favorite beer. My local store finally restocked it. Went to the brewhaus in Munich in my mid-20's and have some great memories of it.
  5. Man, call them and give them the business! Maybe they'll give you a discount off them or something. But yeah your anniversary for that order is coming up. WELL WELL WELL, I also have an TW order anniversary coming up too! Items Ordered Shipped Price Total Reaction Little Dipper Watermelon Green Pumpkin 1 0 $4.84 $4.84
  6. Ordered TW last night, got tracking this morning.
  7. Kudos for trying to work on it yourself, but it seems like it's time to send it out to a professional. @Delaware Valley Tackle is a forum sponsor who fixes/cleans reels. Shoot him a message and see if he will work on your reel.
  8. I fished Lake Wallenpaupack a couple years ago when staying up there. It's a good lake for smallies, we got them on shallow cranks around docks, topwater along grass next to deep edges, and paddletails in hydrilla flats. It's a popular lake for boats on weekends, so go early during the week and you should do well.
  9. I wish they would bring back their Tumbler autumn ale too. I really miss that one.
  10. Helix G3N Mega SI and DI models are Mega Live compatible: https://humminbird-help.johnsonoutdoors.com/hc/en-us/articles/4419729585303-MEGA-Live-Compatibility I think the only major difference is that G4N Helix's have WiFi, but performance wise both use the same processor. Call Humminbird, they are very responsive and you'll get a live agent.
  11. I have both the Benkei 6'7L and 6'5UL. They both have the same action, and really don't load up when you're casting a 1/8oz lure like a noodle trout rod would. But the 6'5 definitely handles a 1/8oz lure better than the 6'7 but with the right reel, a shallow spooled BFS reel. I have creek fished with a 1/16oz johnson minospin with the 6'5, and it casted pretty well and I'd say that is the more realistic lower range, not 1/32. I've caught 20" redfish with the 6'5UL and it handled them just fine. I also have the MC Volkey 6'7L with a Curado BFS, and this is my 1/4oz perch/shad rod. It has a more parabolic action than the Benkei series.
  12. I'll probably go the cheapo Amazon route in 2 years as well, and by then they'll be the same price as the Duracell AGM 31's I got 3 years ago.
  13. Quick afternoon hike at Swains southbound. First thing I noticed was the lock was removed, but they had huge sandbags blocking the canal. That was not good since there was very very little water flow coming in....and what I saw was not good. The entire stretch from Swains to Great Falls Park is down 2-3 feet, and there's a construction gangway at the very north end of the GF parking lot. Not sure what they are working on now, but it seems like they're always working on something south of Great Falls lock that keeps things low. The main river was raging a double chocolate mocha. Swains: Just north of Great Falls: Main River: I did manage 1 decent LMB on the Z-Man HellraiZer, 2 other dinks and 1 huge blow up missed. This lure is a lot of fun.
  14. It's permanent. If I ever sell, I'll have it listed through MLS and they'll have their own pictures.
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