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  1. I keep rods in my garage which frequently hits 100+ in the summer and the rods, reels, and lines (braid, mono, fluoro) have no issues.
  2. I have the AirdX 7'H and I've used it for Toads (Horny, Ribbits, and Noisy flappers). In close quarters, it's fine, but if you want to launch them, this rod is better suited for 1/2oz+. That being said, a 3/8oz toad, and an experienced caster will not have a problem adjusting the reel and line length to launch it.
  3. @Delaware Valley Tackle Send it to DVT. I just sent him a Curado 150MGL that had "geariness" and Mike diagnosed and fixed it. It was a rusty pinion bearing, and he replaced it with a Boca ceramic bearing and it's quiet again.
  4. You can hold off buying that license for a while...we've been trying to get together for several years now and it hasn't happened yet!
  5. Yep, electric only with lots of deep drop offs.
  6. Thanks for fixing up my reels, they're silent again and got them back quick!
  7. May 11th work? I've always done well at Little Seneca Lake in May.
  8. Ditch both the 12v bow and stern mount TM's and go with a 24v bow mount TM with one single LiFePO4 24v battery. The AH size depends on how long you need to use your TM. I have one electric lake that is 15 minutes from my house that I'd absolutely need 100AH batteries to fish 5+ hours. But on a river I just run and gun on my big motor and use my TM mainly for spotlocking. It never hurts to go with more AH though.
  9. Mistakes were made coming off Dry Jan to drink a 131.1 proof spice bomb.
  10. Where do you primarily fish? Ponds, rivers, lakes? Is there a lot of grass cover, pads, or wood? Bank fish or from a vessel? Some more info would give people more data points to help you decide. That being said, I don't see a jig rod for cover. The 7'1 Mojo Bass medium could probably work for light cover jigs. I think you're missing a MH rod that can throw heavier lures, or deal with heavier cover, but again I'm not sure what kind of water you're fishing.
  11. Pretty light, like Owner Light Weighted X gauge. The weight definitely will not slide down. What plastic are you putting on these? Edit: This brand has a 1/0, my guess is that the wire is lighter for the 1/0 than the picture shows. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Ichikawa_Weighted_SP_Offset_J_Jerkbait_Swimbait_Hooks/descpage-ICOJ.html
  12. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Hayabusa_WRM958_Wide_Gap_Screw_Lock_Weighted_Hooks/descpage-H958W.html 1/0 is their smallest, I use the 1/16 and 1/8 for small paddletails over grass cover.
  13. Go with the blank rating, he says it's 4-10lbs in his video too.
  14. Great rod, hopefully you can get it replaced with a new one.
  15. TW won't show the discount for big brands like Daiwa, Shimano, Megabass in the cart, only in the email confirmation after the checkout is completed. Give it a shot, if your email doesn't show the 20% off, call or chat with them to cancel the order.
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