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  1. Seems to be a word that is more common in the south.
  2. Here's the press release for the kids trout fishing this Saturday in Wood Dale https://www.dupageforest.org/what-we-do/news/news-releases/trout-fishing-for-kids
  3. Pork tenderloin stuffed with apple wrapped in bacon
  4. Yup. Unless it's changed, the big motor needs to be 100% trimmed out of the water.
  5. The clearer the water the deeper the spawn. Your bass could have very well been fanning beds in 30fow
  6. You have to understand IL and how it's run. They will frontload the IDNR fund and pis away the money. They will allocate some money to the IDNR and the rest will go into a slush fund which will be spent how Pritzker sees fit. The Illinois budget is a shell game.
  7. I pass a Tesla dealership going to work. During the winter, just about every morning it was below 10*, the alarms would be going off on almost every car in the lot At least, with a hybrid, you have the gas back up. I have to believe having to replace the battery pack every 7-10 years kills the trade in/resale. I keep my trucks an average of 10 years and 200,000 to 300,000 miles. Could one get 300,000 miles out of a battery pack? What's the value of a 10 year old EV with it's original battery pack? I will never be convinced that the EV market will flourish. The only EV that has withstood the test of time is the Tesla and it is only 2% of the automotive market. The entire EV push is reminiscent of the VW Bug and I won't go into that history. The EV market will eventually go by the wayside like every other EV already has, minus Tesla.
  8. Illinois Bill Calls For Renewing Hunting/Fishing Licenses Every Three Years https://foxillinois.com/newsletter-daily/state-senator-files-bill-to-allow-3-year-hunting-and-fishing-license-renewals#:~:text=37-,State Senator files bill to allow 3,hunting and fishing license renewals&text=SPRINGFIELD%2C Ill.,years instead of every year.
  9. I have a "coon cat" in somewhat better shape than that coon.
  10. Not trying to sell you on the owner operator thing but he has been making bank the last few years. He has a reefer trailer and hauls mostly medicine and medical loads. When he's slumming, he grosses $2K a day hauling medicine from Indianapolis to Chicago O'Hare airport, dead heading one way. Most of his runs are up and down the west coast. Goes to Alaska a couple times a year and makes some serious cash.
  11. My daughter is part of the lawsuit, I'll believe it when I see it. I drove a truck for years before getting into the trades. Blah blah blah, crippled myself and I'm still in the trades only in a different capacity. My brother is an owner operator. Don't know what your deal is but he's been a truck driver for 30+ years. He can pick and choose what he hauls and is making bank doing it.
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