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  1. Had to dig out my records to refresh my memory on this. LOL! Black Hills - 6lbs 9oz Brownsville community pond - 5lbs 12oz (this place was tiny but it held quite a few big ones). Cunningham Falls - 5lbs 9oz King's community pond 5lbs Middletown pond - 4lbs 7oz Culler Lake - 5lbs Big Pool - 4lbs Upper Potomac - 3lbs 5oz (smallie), 45 1/8" (pure strain musky , don't remember the weight) A very good friend of mine has landed 2 other muskies out of the Upper Potomac over 50", he also held the state record for several years as well. He also caught one confirmed 10lb largemouth from a private pond in Frederick county. Hopefully, I can start getting out a little more often to break a few of these.
  2. Thanks for the input everyone! I think I found exactly what I was looking for.
  3. I have a little 16' jon boat that I set up like an aluminum bass boat. I am in the market for a new boat cover and would like some recommendations on a decent cover (I have been using tarps for the past few years and really want to go back to an actual cover). Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Seems like forever since I've had a chance to fish Black Hills but managed to get out this morning for a little while. Managed 3 in the one pound range on a chatterbait.
  5. Got out for a short outing saturday morning. I hit the Potomac long enough to realize that dam 4 is still a community spot and fishing like it's opening day of a kid's trout derby just isn't for me. Had a thought of checking Black Hills out but the thought of a some smallies or even a walleye just tempted me a little more. LOL
  6. That's a shame they didn't relocate the fish in there. Most, if not all, the bass I've caught from there looked healthy.
  7. I'm heading out somewhere on Saturday. Any suggestions? Still limited to shoreline action. :-/
  8. I was fishing the one in MIddletown park. I used to have access to a couple private ponds but they have been drained sadly.
  9. Wondered over to Middletown to enjoy the rain this morning. LOL! Managed to find a lipless crank bite before getting completely soaked. Landed 4, all between 1 and 1 1/2lbs. I really noticed a difference in my hook up ratio since I switched out those stock hooks! Anyone else make it out today?
  10. Got out this morning. FINALLY got to hit Black Hills for the first time all year. Spent most of the morning back at the stick ups. I see we lost another "stick up" to the water. I can't believe how grown up the weeds are around that section any more. Does no one fish from shore there? LOL! Having no luck there, I switched up and tried the back wash area for a while before it was time to head home. I found a decent one hanging out in one of the old spots I used to find them. I picked her up on an "old school" bait I haven't thrown in a while, a Norman Weedwalker! After a good fight, I put her on the scale. She went 4lbs 5oz. And as soon as I figure out how to get the pic off my phone, I'll post a pic.
  11. So I have a little time this evening, so I pop over to the pond in Sharpsburg to wet some line. I get there are have the place to myself (pretty cool). So just before dark, someone shows up, grabs their rod and walks down to the pond. So I'm standing on the one side close to the parking lot throwin a frog across the slop to the other side. Missed one shortly before the kid shows up. Well, what does he do? Walks right down to the edge not 20' from me and starts casting, even points out my bait to his girlfriend. Never says a word to me even after I said something to him. I really hate inconsiderate morons that can't respect someone fishing or even ask if it's ok to fish the same spot too. I ended up leaving instead of wasting time on someone that just has no clue. Done with my rant.
  12. I heard they were going to eventually get that drawbridge working again. Thanks for checking about the lower section!
  13. I hit the C&O at Williamsport for a short outing this morning. Managed a couple on a sweet beaver and lost what felt like a better fish. Everything died after that stupid tour boat went through. Good to know there's still a few fish in there. I saw the lower section is filled back up. Anyone know if they actually put anything back in there?
  14. Made it out froggin for a little while yesterday morning. Managed 2, pound/pound and a half'ers out of the canal at Dickerson. Duckweed was so thick, I could float a soft plastic with a 3/16oz bullet weight. LOL!
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