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  1. Are the knots slipping or snapping? Either way I'd ditch the palomar with lighter fluoro which is harder and slicker than other lines and tends to slip easier and ime requires a knot with more turns especially with light lines. I have great success and supreme confidence in the trilene and the fishin fool/uni knot, at least 7 turns.
  2. Trying to use one rod, reel, and line to cover that breadth of techniques and species is going to be an exercise in frustration and compromise. That said I find that a medium power rod is more versatile than a medium heavy for multi species fishing, for line I’d go with a 10 or 12 pound mono/copoly. With this setup shallow/mid depth cranking will be no problem, texas rigs and swim baits will need to be kept on the finesse side of things with lighter wire hooks, but you probably won’t be doing any panfishing on this outfit.
  3. It all boils down to your personal priorities, personally I wouldn't compromise especially with one's highest confidence presentation, I'd first use or buy another setup for topwaters which really doesn't require high quality gear. That said, with yzh at about $7/spool it'd be a cheap scratch to itch.
  4. That was the first thing I checked, again I'm getting notifications for threads I have not participated in at all, For instance, there's a current active thread named "New Electronics restricted Bass Tournament in the works ?" that I just suddenly started getting notified of comments about, I'm not subscribed to that particular thread nor the tournament fishing forum either per the follow/unfollow box at the top of the page. Just strange, not the end of the world, just a slightly annoying first world problem.
  5. @Glenn Lately I've been getting notifications for posts on threads I haven't commented on or subscribed to.
  6. Zero adjust is simply the amount of tension applied to the spool via the tension knob. You can zero adjust any casting reel with a tension knob, not just daiwas. In my eyes it is marketing as they're making it seem like a daiwa only feature, but that's not to imply zero adjusting doesn't work for some.
  7. ZERO ADJUST is daiwa marketing speak, you can "zero adjust" any reel that has a spool tension knob, it is not an actual mechanical feature. Just a smidgen of spool play has worked for me from 1/8oz on bfs reels to 2-1/2oz swimbaits on my tatula 200 among many other daiwa reels including my zillion.
  8. Budget needed to make reccos, how much of your $550 budget did you use on the reel?
  9. Ditto... What's with these unavailable videos?
  10. Not to be a stick in the mud, but it's been proven that largemouth have dichromatic vision and can only distinguish two colors, red and green.
  11. This thread was started because there was rods n reels being posted in the "Bait" thread, now we're posting baits in the "rods n reels" thread...l love it lol 🤣
  12. I don't think that's right, the shorter rod will give you more leverage for lifting power, not less. Many people confuse a first class lever (think pry bar) with a third class lever (think shovel or fishing rod) when discussing leverage. Longer is more leverage only when the fulcrum is between the force and the load.
  13. Z-Man Neko Shroomz Wacky Rig Nose Weight, works great, slides right in to elaztech baits, a little pricey but worth it to me.
  14. These are great, but if you don't want the weight exposed get a nice sturdy pointy toothpick, one of thick old school ones not the newer flat wimpy ones, and "pre-drill" a hole in it, about and inch or so long or a little longer than the nail style weight you plan to insert, then insert the weight with your fingers about 3/4 of the way then use the toothpick to push it in the rest of the way and "bury it", then use a dab a superglue to seal it off.
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