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  1. Just like any rod - spiral requires fewer guides in the top third of the rod than a rings-up casting rod. They make great jigging rods. I have 2 rods that are spiral wrap - 7' offshore slow-jigging, and 8-1/2' 7-pc rockfish assembled that way out of necessity (doesn't have enough tip guides for rings up). My 14' surf-meat rod is 3-pc, and the guides are taped. If I choose, I can wrap the 4 mid guides for spiral, and insert the tip section rings down.
  2. @Junk Fisherman - if you're feeling creative, I have a good rod leash design for you. It uses a rod-end and separate leash quick-connected by a 1/2-inch paracord buckle. Whatever rod isn't in use is clipped to a leash in a rod holder. Somewhere on East Flats last fall, my buddy Lou paddled off his favorite Twin Power spinning combo - he had a commercial rod leash with him that was too cumbersome to use. I made him a gang of these, and I've been using them more than a dozen years, including two turtles. You can get by with short bungee leashes with swivel hooks that glide on your anchor trolley line (or longer bungee and clip into deck eye). The leash is easy to knot using bungee-size toggles, and has the male paracord buckle. The rod end wraps both the rod and reel foot, and keeps the reel from falling off the rod. (Loop on rod, insert the reel foot facing backwards, and when you turn the reel forward, loop wraps the foot...) Just have to make a rod-end for each rod - the rod end uses coreless paracord, small cordlock toggle, and the female paracord buckle. (round turn and half-hitch seized w/ sailmaking needle and twine) Need longer loop on rod end for baitcast foot than for spinning reel. You can get everything to make these on Amazon.
  3. Most of the answers on this page are wrong, even answering a question that wasn't asked. If your braid makes noise, it's not in the running for best. If your braid is twice the diameter for the same breaking strength, who are you kidding about it being the best. The OP asked who makes the best, he even implied the Single Best, but he didn't ask what braid do you use (for your single datapoint). Yes, 832 is worth using, and I used enough to buy it in 600-yd spools, but it is always notably larger diameter than they report, and seemed silly to fish their 6-lb when Japan X-braid in the same diameter is 16-lb. Maybe this thing is on. If you're looking for most cost-effective Izanas-made, consider Gosen and Florida Fishing Products.
  4. YGK, with Varivas matching their X8 braids https://japantackle.com/lines/pe-braid-spectra/ygk-shinijx9.html Varivas also has the toughest coating https://www.varivas.fishing/products/avani-sea-bass-pe-si-x-x8/ Both brands are made in Japan by Izanas. Probably worth noting that only the Japanese have a standard (JAFS) for PE lines
  5. The people I know who make single-hook baits for long-cast fishing recommend fishing braid for no stretch - nothing stretches more than mono.
  6. Smartest thing is pick one of your existing reels, Pixy, Alphas, or Zillion, and swap-in aftermarket spool and BFS spool bearings. You'll have a better reel than twice the amount spent on an Ali Express reel. And you can always swap it back.
  7. Abu knob on Zebco Omega Pro https://www.hedgehog-studio.co.jp/product/4508 https://www.hedgehog-studio.co.jp/product/7160 Studio Composite also uses 5-mm spindle, and all Doyo reels. Though Studio Composite also sells their super-light carbon-tube giant EVA knob in DaiwaS/ Shimano A. FishingShop.kiwi sells the RC-SC ExPlus handle (w/ knobs) for $98. SDS Customs in Ukraine sells a really nice 5-mm-spindle thick-paddle EVA knob for Abu/Lews/etc. https://www.ebay.com/itm/254304783046?var=553810539374
  8. @FishTank that's my absolute favorite EF30 knob, but I don't know what to tell you. I use my Japan broker and order Livre through SquidMania, who has their exclusive Livre parts, and discounts any Livre handle/knob combination. I like the counter-balanced Union handle. (hook keeper on Livre Balancer is SquidMania exclusive part). I paid $124 plus 6% broker fee for my handle/knob below. @Choporoz Shimano A and Daiwa S knobs interchange, with the addition of a bearing-size spacer (or 3rd bearing) at the bottom of Daiwa spindle. Since we're talking about spindles, note that titanium spindles are 40% lighter than stainless, etc.
  9. @FishTank - hi friend, Livre knobs are notably lighter. The outer skin is titanium (their bread-and-butter is motorcycle racing parts). They form titanium sheet and weld it (CNC) - it can be very thin and have greater strength than Gomexus all-aluminum knob. What's clear is that Gomexus copies Livre styling across the board (also Studio Composite). Livre is notably lighter weight. Where Livre really makes a difference are the big power knobs. Gomexus and even Yumeya power knobs can be 25-40 g, while Livre is 11 to 13 g, and down to 4 to 5 g in their I-shaped Fino knob. The more weight you cantilever away from the reel, the more torsion it places on your wrist. I paid $11 on Amazon for the Gomexus carbon handle and swapped-in Livre EP37 in place of a pot-metal power knob. Also keep in mind some aftermarket handles aren't worth buying. Before I cobbled the offshore jigging handle above, I tried a BassZone handle - their carbon handle actually flexed - a lot of good that's going to do...
  10. Hedgehog Studio will have the most options in one place, OEM, OEM upgrade (Yumeya), and aftermarket. https://www.hedgehog-studio.co.jp/product-list/207
  11. Daiwa has room for a second bearing at the bottom, which normally uses a bushing ("plastic collar") for a spacer. On a near-offshore spinning reel, I replaced the spacer with another 725 bearing (3 total). Yes, that's a longer SLPW Daiwa handle on Shimano using an IOS adapter. Mine always end up spinning like a bicycle wheel with no end play. Sometimes, it's hard to get the outer bearing to slide onto the spindle, and tightening the screw, it will bottom out and everyting feels bound.
  12. The washers at the bottom of the stack are shims which take out end-play in the knob. Try removing one from each and see if it solves your problem. I stack these things all the time - too many shims, and you'll have the symptom you're describing. I've replaced so many knobs, I have small partal ziplocs with dozens of shim washers and bushing spacers, etc. Last choice is don't tighten the screw so tight, but use blue loctite to cure on the threads.
  13. Salt kayak - my bread-and-butter ML is BFS-mod Zillion on Omen Green 7'1" ML - 1/8-oz bread-and-butter 3" Z-man. Backed-up one of these rods on close-out this year. My baitfinesse, doubles up ML, is Silver Wolf on Abu Kurodai baitfinesse 7'3" - I fish 2.5-g microplugs in tide passes and picky loitering redfish herds sipping glass minnows and tiny shrimp. From spring through fall, depending on the day's plan, 3rd rod is 1/4-oz and up, happy with Super Duty on 7' Crowder IM6 for jerkbait Giant fall tides going into mud marshes, one of the longer rods gets replaced with shorter S-glass for skip-casting under mangroves to visible redfish backs. Winter mornings begin with big topwaters for big 5-6" mullet, and 7/8-oz Corkys suspend jerkbaits, will bring out an MH for the 3rd rod. ________________________ River kayak is easy, 6' MH graphite frogger 5' MM composite skip-caster 5-1/2' ML S-glass baitfinesse
  14. As I've said before, tournament distance casters do this intentionally - they load their spools at home with the amount of line for the day's distance target plus a little extra for luck, and they let the last of their spool backlash at end of cast, to get the last competitive inch out of their single and only cast with that spool. Anybody who lets it happen and wants to fish or cast a second time made a dumb move by not using their thumb to stop the spool, somehow thinking extra inches of cast distance might be be worth risking backlash. What he said when he's not quoted out of context with emphasis added:
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