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  1. I took it out today for a test run and it's pretty amazing. Casting is effortless and its smoother than the regular Steez SV TW. The coolest thing is the shallow spool. It's just different but in a good way, just can't explain it yet. Only downside, I got skunked so no fish on it yet. I have it paired with an NRX+ 894C JWR and 40lb YGK OLLTOLOS braid.
  2. That's the face I made when I opened the box. I had no idea it had metallic flake paint. My wife saw it and said, "Well that one's pretty. ". Here is the odds and ends of my order. I had to try the Drift Fry. The YGK OLLTOLOS braid is a new one to me. It might have been a mistake. It's so slick, knots might be an issue.
  3. I was going to get the new Steez SV TW or the Metanium Shallow Spool but even at the JDM price the Steez was pretty steep and I just ordered a Metanium 100. So for $50 less than the new Steez SV, I got the 21 shallow spool Steez Limited. I got the best of both reels and then some. It's crazy buttery smooth, like an Anteras but its probably half the weight.
  4. It depends on how minimal you want to be. I just started taking both of these when bank fishing. They will fit in cargo shorts or pants. They hold everything I need as far as terminal tackle goes. Both are from Ryugi. There is a knock off version of the box on Amazon.
  5. Sounds like a plan. I've never weighed the VMC hooks. Good to know. I always considered the ST-36 to be the heaviest, probably because I've never bent one out. I have a couple of Lightning Pointers and they are different from the regular version but I never considered that they might suspend differently. They just feel like a cheaper bait to me. I never really got why Lucky Craft went this direction.
  6. The LC Pointer has probably the best suspend rate out any jerkbait, including the Megabass 110. If your water is still cold, let's say around 55 degrees, that bait will rise. Once the water warms all the way up, that bait might slowly sink. There are things that can help besides adding lead strips. Number one would be line, 8-10lb Fluorocarbon. Next, don't fish it on slack line. Pull it to you a fuzz. You can use a bigger oval split ring and Owner ST-36 hooks but these are not my jerkbait hook of choice. I like the Ryugi Pierce. Another option is to wrap thin wire around the shank of the hook.
  7. It was no big deal. I wanted to hit my local pond anyway. I hope you enjoy your new rod.
  8. After digging deeper, I see what you are saying. If you are looking for an alternative, check out Picasso. I can't remember why kind of keepers they have but I don't recall having any issues. You can go down a deep rabbit hole with all of what they offer.
  9. I wouldn't think that they are going away anytime soon. They have been under Rapala VMC for a few years now, unless something has changed. Maybe they are just rebranding. https://www.rapala.com/us_en/terminator
  10. One reel came in. Still waiting on a new Steez and some other tackle to show up. I will say this, after going over this reel, it's like Shimano took a Bantam, the 20 Metanium, and few parts from the Antares 70A and came up with this. It doesn't exactly feel like a Metanium and it doesn't feel a Bantam. It's like all the things I like from Shimano rolled into one reel. To be honest, they could have tweeked the frame a little and called it something else. We will see what does on the water.
  11. Stealing the pic from above. This one. I have two Calcutta 251s that had the bushing on the spool. I also replaced them on few reels over the years for people but didn't use the tool. I used pliers instead, which I know is a bad idea. I don't have the pin removal tool but never had this bearing go bad on any of my reels. I was curious if it was worth undertaking and replacing/upgrading this bearing. I wanted to know what the benefit might be.
  12. So what is the benefit of upgrading this bearing? I swapped one that had a bushing years ago and didn't feel much of anything in an improvement.
  13. A square bill in grass? I would punt and use a lipless but I have had success with three smaller square bills in grass, the Megabass Griffon MRX BFS, the Shimano Tiny Macbeth, and the Megabass Super Z-2. These bait still pick up grass but they don't get hung up as much. Another that use to be good is the Lucky Craft Flatside Mini.
  14. I just used my LiTime 100A battery for the first time. I have a 55lb thrust GPS Motor Guide. I fished for about 6 hours in heavy wind and used it the whole time I was out, especially the spot lock. I only used 25% of the battery. My previous lead acid batteries might not last a full 8 hours for me. I have been using a NOCO 10AH charger. Works great. I even used it to bring an old battery back to life.
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