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  1. Sounds like one of the guys I fish with. Fish from sun up till noon. Complain from noon until the tournament is over.
  2. Looks like the one I just received. It took me two weeks from the time I sent the check to get it. I was amazed.
  3. I have been using 14 and16lb Sniper BMS. Love this stuff. I don't use braid too often. Where I fish there are too many stumps to get snagged in but it's great around vegetation.
  4. Changing out handles and adding some bling to my reels is a new thing to me. I never thought a different handle could change the feel of a reel or its performance but adding a few of these Gomexus handles has changed my mind. I may try a Livre in the future but man they are pricey.
  5. This is the older Calcutta GT TE which I believe was the equivalent to the JDM Conquest of its day. The gold color is slightly darker and doesn't match the Gomexus gold. I wanted to get the 100M gold mix handle with cork knobs but it wasn't available when I ordered the black one. I do like them to sort of match but this one is my favorite. It's dead on and made specifically for this reel.
  6. I use the San Diego Jam knot. It works great for swimbaits. My only thing with it, is that you have to remember to pull the knot up then down to tighten it.
  7. I have noticed the fees showing up from them as well and their prices have increased. A long time ago they sent me an email explaining how they were a small business but were growing faster than they could handle and shipping was only done a few times a week. My last order arrived quickly. It makes me wonder if they are using a currier to pick up shipments and therefore the extra fee.
  8. It depends on how long I'm going to be out and where. If it's a short trip, I take one rod, a couple of soft plastics, and pliers but otherwise, two rods and my backpack.
  9. I have been using a G. Loomis 803S NRX and a Shimano Vanquish 3000 for most of my mid range soft plastic, especially wacky rigged senkos. It works perfectly for just about any situation.
  10. You should be good. I have really enjoyed mine so far. Casting anything in the half ounce range is amazing.
  11. I have the BB1 Pro and it does not make any of these sounds. It doesn't click when shaked and is quiet and smooth on the retrieve. It gets beat up pretty hard when fished. I think I would have noticed something over the course of the past year.
  12. I see this a lot and I am guilty myself. So this just speculation on your specific scenario... Assuming your right handed, you set the hook somewhere between 2 and 3 o'clock on your right side, the hook is in the left side of the fishes mouth, the fish jumps, you lower your rod and it puts slack in the line, and then you turn the rod to your left between 9 and 10 fighting the fish. If you had stayed to your right, the hook should potentially be facing up. If turned to your left, the fish is no longer pinned and the hook is on the bottom. The fish shakes its head and the bait pops out. I hope I'm explaining this theory correctly. You see it more on a boat when the fish gets close and goes passed the angler when they reach down to lip it.
  13. It's more like my hand. That bait thumps like crazy but you're right, when fish hit this bait, they destroy it.
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