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  1. I start out with my leaders around 6-7 feet and once it gets down to 2-3 feet, I change it. At that point it starts to loose its main purpose as a shock absorber.
  2. So a similar story of a mystery lake in Indiana that was real. It was urban legend about a lake/strip pit that had a boat launch over an old discarded cemetery. The road to it was like going rock crawling in a Jeep. DNR always claimed it was real and that they stocked it but would never tell anyone where it was because it was supposedly haunted. Yet here it is.
  3. I spent 8 hours on the water today at a new lake to me that has grass everywhere. It was a nightmare. I caught one bass all day, which is one more than everyone else I talked to. On my way home I spotted this sign. I have no idea what the intention is for it but it pretty much summed up my day.
  4. I got a pair for Christmas when they first came out. I have asked for a pair each Christmas since then. I really like them, even more so than the drawer full of Smartwool socks I have.
  5. I have the Coastal. It's nice reel. I hate to say it I bought for two reasons... It's blue and I had some gift cards. So far no complaints. I use it for Texas rigged soft plastic. It casts well. It's pretty smooth on the retrieve. It does have one odd thing. It squeals on the cast. I have worked on it and can't find what the real cause is. I know it's the braking system but it's the only Daiwa I have that does this. It almost sounds like a DC reel. In the end, it does't effect how the reel performs at all.
  6. Try a Patagonia Capilene Hoody. It works great. I wore it today in about 85 degree temps. My buddy that had on a cotton t-shirt was baked. He kept staring like there was something wrong with me and asking "Why aren't you sweating?". I told him it was the shirt. He still can't believe a long sleeve shirt is cooler than a cotton one. Another key is a cooling rag and a big, goofy, but good, hat. I wore this guy today and it did a good job of keeping the sun off. Just added a little cold water to it from time to time and I was good to go.
  7. Getting bites in that stuff generally isn't the issue. It's getting the fish out of it that can be challenging. Good luck.
  8. So outside of the usual dink fest, I found the master of my favorite local pond. I have been chasing this fish for a few years, I believe. I couldn't believe it when it crushed a buzzbait. It was as epic as any catch I have ever had. It came out from under a mat, jumped two or three feet out of the water and crushed it.
  9. I have been using this line since the beginning of the year on my main Texas rig set up and I say it's pretty close to Tatsu. Great line.
  10. I have been fishing braid to leader on spinning tackle for quite some time now without too many issues. Wind has been my worst enemy. I always close the bail by hand and then pull the line tight on the spool just after the bait hits the water. I think it is crucial to know what line you are using, what reel and rod, what knots and what lures.
  11. I would of course suggest the Vanquish but also look at the Twin Power. I have been fishing both and like both. The Twin Power for a about $50 to $75 less (JDM Price) is equally as smooth but it is a bit heavier and the drag is not quite as nice as the Vanquish.
  12. In the stained water I fish, action is everything so no, a different brand in the same color will not produce the same.
  13. OSP Hunt Jig. I use it all the time. Another is the Keitech Football jig model 2.
  14. My favorites are the Simms Solar Flex and a Patagonia Capilene Hoodie for the hottest days. I also have a few from Huk. I have one from a few years ago that was discontinued and has a built in face cover. It does a good job but is more heavy duty than the others. I have a collection of others that have gotten for birthdays and various other holidays. It seems to be "the" gift for Dad.
  15. I use to handle heat fine. As long as I had water, I was good. But now as I have gotten older, I need to be careful. I find a good cooling shirt and a sun hat helps but more importantly, I always wet my feet and head and I keep a cold wet cooling towel wrapped around my neck. If I have to, I fish in the shade. I try to be smart about it and I try to not over exert myself.
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