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  1. @Munkin thank you for starting this thread, @evrybodywhocontributedsofar thank you for sharing, supremely helpful for a guy teaching himself how to fish and now venturing into some very makeshift bait making. Please elaborate How flat can I go? Total wire length orbjust the top arm? Like have a total of 4.5 inches like 2 inches from head vs 5.5 inches with 2ninches from head, or 5.5 inches 3.5 inches from head? Any particular color? Thank you! Why? I'm twisting my own spinnerbait bodies with bullet weights and steel wire, I think I'll twist some extra wire down the hook shank and see what happens, thanks! My 2 cents from my short experience in all this, I like to have a beefier skirt. 3-4 tabs make a chunkier profile and add a little drag to the body, helping it to not tilt so steep with bigger blades.
  2. Sounds like a great day bro! You know the water temp? Looks like you fish south shore, am I close? Congrats @Mike, that's awesome
  3. They have had some great sales, and I haven't had much need since joining. What else have you found them lacking?
  4. @MediumMouthBass Thanks for the heads up bro, Omnia doesn't carry Yo-Zuri and I didn't know that before signing up for premium. Just ordered a filler spool of 6,8,10,and 12 - I needed this.
  5. @Sputterbug killer fish bro, water depth? North shore or south shore?
  6. I've been living vicariously through y'all, I'm excited to get my first trip in soon, probably still won't be for a couple weeks, but y'all got me pumped up already. I respect the commitment to get out and start your season early, and that for some of you the season never ends haha
  7. Looks fishable to me. How'd it do? @dv616 I'm new too, I'd say cut that feather in half. Use the top thinner part to palmer with. Then I'd just stack the thicker part and use as big ol wings or tail or general body like a straight up marabou jig. You can make them look a little better by hitting it with a tooth brush or some velcro. Lay it on a table and brush it out
  8. Hahaha I can dig it man, business is business @MickD I hear you and all, but I would bet money that a accelerometer would be able to measure a difference in the rod before and after a 10 inch wrap after the reel seat. If a titanium tip top can make an impact on TNF, then whatever TNF is measuring would be affected if it was measure at the decorative wrap before and after. I'm not knockin the hustle, but if a dude is gonna drop over a hundred bucks just on a set of guides because it will improve performance by saving 3-5g of weight but then add a 10 inch decorative wrap that, depending on which pattern, easily adds at least that amount of weight back and possibly more I'm thinking "I got a pack of magic beans for sale"
  9. What's the difference in the water? How is the action affected by these two different techniques?
  10. I know some people think it's cool to do a 6-10 inch decorative wrap after the reel seat, but it's not. Just seems silly to me, unless it's on a rod rated to 100# pound line and it doesn't make a difference.
  11. I used to fish this lake a bunch until a lot of people there couldn't answer how they were doing when I asked about the fishing, but instead showed me a cooler full of fish of all species and sizes - often illegal. The lake was dead for Mad long Have you had luck the past couple years?
  12. But.... not a pro haha, at least he doesn't have a dog in the fight presently is the point Tell me you grew up with me without saying I'm around the same age as you haha... but I'll day I think both have their place. I forget the show/channel but the count the casts in the top corner - this show has been great at times. Especially considering the upfrontness of how many casts have been made. @ALL Appreciate the recommendations, I'm excited for a deep dive
  13. I feel this way about work, I'm 33 and I'm so over the fact that I have to work 40-48 hours a week until I'm 65 or die. Then add time preparing for work, showers/shaves/ships, house work, other miscellaneous responsibilities.... so little time left for family and even less left for self (which is also important for self care and mental well being). But its the time I lose with family that drives me nuts, and knowing it's practically endless and I have no choice. @The Maestro and others feeling this way about fishing, I absolutely get it. Sometimes for missing time with family, and sometimes thinking I could've just invested that time and energy into something that could build a skill or earn money. I'll add this, I'm learning it's not the quantity of time you spend with family, or your kids, or even fishing. It's the quality. Some days I look back at it in bed like why did I just waste so much time doing nothing with the kids? I'm tired or whatever so we just hang in the house doing very little or maybe watch a movie, and that all has its time and place, but if I put in a little energy to do something different or very intentionally fun for an hour and then fished for a few hours would've been better than all day just doing the basic stuff. Not always Almost nothing is always But it's also very easy as humans to look back and be critical of ourselves. Of course we could've done better, but if we did do better then we could look back and say " I coulda done better " see what I'm sayin? It's uncomfortable to think of good enough as being a good thing, but ironically that's what good enough means, it's a good thing. We're not prefect and can't be, but good enough can be a good thing if we let it be and keep pressing forward. Be the best dad you can be right now Be a better dad tomorrow Be a good enough dad every day and you'll be the best dad ever, because if you try to be the prefect dad you'll be so on despair you'll totally miss the whole point of that good desire. I've experienced days where I've literally forced myself to go fishing, and it did make me feel better when I got there. Maybe it's a different day than you think fishing should be, leave the boat and hit the bank. Just get up and get going, because we are so often our own worst enemy. I have such a terrible memory it's like I'm not even here anyway, it's actually tragic. Mt wife is like you remember when... she tells a story of us and the girls and I'm like nope... no idea! Literally makes me sad I can't remember my babies first steps or the time she or we etc etc. But all I can do is try to be in the now, and the tomorrow. TL:DR just go fishing after the kids go to sleep
  14. Problem is digitaka always has the exchange less than the global exchange, not sure why but I'm sure it makes than an extra few bucks
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