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  1. Its the same bridge...one from the side, one from the front.
  2. Dont shy away from fishing a jerk bait over the top of it.
  3. Not knowing anything about the equipment your using...I will say that sometimes the fish just gets off...and sometimes the line breaks.
  4. Agreed...Like I mentioned earlier...I am always needing to mix a second batch...either for a decal, a hook keeper, cross wraps are notorious for needing two coats.
  5. This is how it usually goes for me...regardless of what type of finish I use. I will apply what I consider a good "covering" coat. This is typically on the thinner side. Once that coat cures...there is always an area where the thread is barley peeking through finish. I will apply a second thin coat and that is usually good enough. I have in the past put on a thick first (and only) coat...but it seems like there is always something else that needed epoxy too and end up mixing a second batch anyway. So I find that using two coats is a just good idea. ...on a side note. Ever since I started using the sealing caps I have been using various measurements of resin and hardener: 2cc each, 1cc each and even .5cc each. The caps let me invert the bottle and get whatever amount of resin/hardener I think I might need. I didn't always do this...for the longest time I just used 3cc each. The thinking was that if I miss measured by say .1cc of a 3cc mix...then the error would be .03% as opposed to .1cc of 1cc mix (.1% error). But I feel like the syringes are very accurate.
  6. I agree a dryer is big...I also think having a set of reamers is big too.
  7. Not necessarily my favorite fishing spot...but on this morning I captured this very pronounce sundog.
  8. For many, many years, I just mixed it thoroughly, in the cup, for two minutes and then applied it. The epoxy's long set up time, and a short burst with the hair dryer, would make what air bubbles I had release. But, let me be crystal clear on this (pun intended) a mixer is the way to go.
  9. I have to agree....nothing worse than getting up early....driving to the ramp only to find a tournament launching...and its getting worse.
  10. One of the problems I've seen from North Fork is that they wont do an exchange...but will issue a refund.
  11. There are cases where you can repair it...that may be more than you want to do. You can always dedicate that as a "guest" rod. Rodbuilding.org - Rod Repair by Ralph O'Quinn
  12. I think the most important thing is the rod wrapper. The base and the thread carriage are pretty key. Then after that...I personally have a bunch of different epoxy I use...then the list goes on...
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