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  1. 6 inches of rain a couple of days ago here. The normal chocolate milk color in my favorite pond was pure mud this morning. No bites on the bass worms, so swapped over to the tiniest Beetle Spin about 3 feet under a weighted bobber. One juvenile bluegill that wasn't worth a picture. At least I wasn't skunked after 2.5 hours. Heading out of town tomorrow for work. Found a park 3 miles from the hotel that allows fishing. Website says bluegill and catfish are in there. Hope the luck changes next week. πŸ‘
  2. Craziest fishing story? I was fishing a farm pond full of cattle and donkeys. The cattle stayed away but the donkey were more curious and hung around. I cast a line and spooked one of them and it charged me. It took a couple of seconds to realize that the stupid donkey was running full blast at me and my only option was to jump off the dam I was standing on. Luckily, the owner's dogs were out there too- and one of them realized that the donkey was charging me. It went nuts and turned the donkey around right at the dam or the donkey would have come crashing down on top of me in the water. My family was all out there. They thought (and still do) it was the funniest thing that has ever happened. I disagree and stay far away from horses, mules, donkeys, bulls, etc. now. πŸ˜‰
  3. Not a collector of lures, but that's some great stuff. I would think the ducks would be desirable just on uniqueness alone. They're pretty cool.
  4. That's exactly what I was thinking too. If you just want to catch fish (like I do most days) I'd be throwing a Beetle Spin every cast. 1/4oz ones for the bass and the 1/32 for the panfish. πŸ˜ƒ
  5. Years ago, the wife and kids wanted kayaks. I was on the fence and bought a cheap one used. I basically hate it- but it's not because it was cheap and used- I also hate the much nicer fishing kayak that my wife got. She loves it. So, when we all go as a family, we bring three kayaks and I either fish from the bank or go look for nature trails to walk. Everybody is happy that way.
  6. Favorite lure of all time. I like the 1/4 oz black split tail for bass and the tiny black grub for everything else. They're just so fun and easy to fish.
  7. I've been fishing mine (black) on 4lb test and about 3 feet under a weighted bobber to get exceptional casting distance from the bank. I also just like catching "fish" so bluegill, crappie and bass are always on the menu with this set-up.
  8. Good job! When it rains here, all I get is muddier water than normal for days. 😐
  9. Never heard of it. Looks really nice. It's about 3 hours South of me. May have to check it out one day when I have time to camp overnight.
  10. That's interesting. I have only fished tubes a couple of times in my life, so never really pay them much attention, but since you mention it- I never see tubes at Wal Mart.
  11. Agree with this. My favorite pond is always muddy water. I've fished it for 20 years and have never seen the underwater weeds that are 2 feet off shore. All winter long, I basically fished a stickbait weightless- sometimes wacky and other times rigged weedless- and had the most success I've ever had in cold water. I rarely throw hardbaits, but the only other fish I've caught have been on Beetle Spins, so the blade vibration does seem to help in that kind of water.
  12. Zoom trick worm in black. Weightless.
  13. One reason I love to fish Beetle Spins. Even the catfish in my ponds like them. Always a surprise when you feel the tug.
  14. crappie.com talks a lot about bluegill. I'm over there occasionally. The other I don't know about.
  15. I moved North after high school to one hour over the Florida line. πŸ˜„ Heat is all I've know for my 49 years.
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