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  1. I just remembered Lincoln was shot on April 14, 1865 at Ford’s Theater. Something not to forget.
  2. Grass carp ruined my home lake. They changed the whole biology of the lake for decades. Two facts you need to know. Grass carp eat everything. They destroy reed beds, pad fields and more. They are not sterile. That’s a myth. The lake I’m referring to has grass carp now after years and years beyond the declared life span. If you have grass carp introduced, kiss your bluegill population goodbye.
  3. I also checked one out and it’s not for me. To be fair, woven carbon graphite handles aren’t for everyone either.
  4. Not to sound petty, but there is a difference between counterfeit and knock off. I haven’t seen any counterfeit MB products but there are several knock off items coming from Asia. Products from Japanese fishing companies do come with some high price tags. There is an option if you are willing to shop with JDM retail outlets and the currency difference can make a big impact in affordability.
  5. I would fish where the fish were before the front. I’m going to fish a bulky black blue jig around every piece of shallow cover making multiple pitches to the sweet spot. If there are stumps or laydowns. A single Colorado bladed spinnerbait with a hammered copper blade gets run slowly by that cover. If it’s a smallmouth venue I’ll drive to the closest pizza parlor.
  6. Tenacity is a very positive trait but it must be balanced with a willingness to be introspective and being open to evaluation and adjusting how you plan to attain your goals. My Dad told me some things are like beating your head against a brick wall and it feels good to stop.
  7. I initiated a hard overhand cast and snagged my partner’s shoulder when he was accessing my glove box. Blew it up so bad a redwing blackbird landed on my reel and used its beak trying to pick it out.
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