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  1. Columbia Craw's post in What are the best smallmouth lures to throw on a flipping set-up (7’3” MH Fast w/ 8:1:1 reel). was marked as the answer   
    Carolina rig
  2. Columbia Craw's post in Rod Sensitivity, Pick One was marked as the answer   
    When I was working, I attended three days of sensitivity training and I still can’t feel a bite.
  3. Columbia Craw's post in Lew's BB1N V-spool was marked as the answer   
    It was purported to minimize back lashes. The concept was the spool diameter decreased rapidly as the spool width decreased.  It was actually pretty effective.
  4. Columbia Craw's post in LC sammy 65 anyone? was marked as the answer   
    Tackle WH lists three colors but not available until 6-10.  
  5. Columbia Craw's post in Need Advice On Dobyns Champion XP 1oz to 3oz was marked as the answer   
  6. Columbia Craw's post in What year is this Daiwa, we’re they any good? was marked as the answer   
    86ish I think
  7. Columbia Craw's post in Dobyns Fury Series Spinning Rod was marked as the answer   
    Depends on the brand as frame sizes differ. Shimano would be 2500 and a Daiwa would be a 3000.  I run both 10 and 12 pound braids to a leader.  I rarely run larger than 8 pound floro and will drop to 6 if the water is very clear.  
  8. Columbia Craw's post in Western Wa, spotlock or powerpole? was marked as the answer   
    Spot lock for sure.
  9. Columbia Craw's post in Nako Formula D or SHIMANO SLX MGL was marked as the answer   
    I have a Hakai which I paid 142.00 for last year.  It is light, really light.  The start up of the Dream spool is extremely fast.  Once I adjusted the cast control the ability to throw 3/16-1/4 was pretty darn good. I don’t have enough time on the reel to address reliability issues. It’s a solid build and at the stated retail, should be a great value.  
  10. Columbia Craw's post in What brands have 1/8 ounce Bass spinnerbaits and what online vendors carry them? was marked as the answer   
    Look at the Stanley baby Vibrashaft. Very compact, well built spinnerbait. I got two for my grandson.
  11. Columbia Craw's post in Casting Rod vs Spinning Rod Specific Techniques was marked as the answer   
    shaky head
    free rig
    hula grub
    hair jig
    spy bait
    light carolina
    Everything else
  12. Columbia Craw's post in Favorite 6th sense colors? was marked as the answer   
    Blugilla, Jaint Juice, Wild Shad for the Crush 50. The new Munch runs shallower for getting over submerged grass. The Splash Back popper is a superb top water bait. 
  13. Columbia Craw's post in Moving Mom was marked as the answer   
    My 90 year old Mom had hit the medical wall that pushed to reality she just couldn’t liv alone. This concerned  has been driving me crazy for the last several years  Mom made the statement the it was past time selling the house and moving from Oregon to Washington. Put the house on the marked and hit the number we hoped for. A two day prepacking with some sell offs got us to a one day pack and unpack.  I planned the move like a cop and had my task sheet done.  Now m y mother can be closed to me, grand kids and great grandkids. All her needs are covered and we hope to be maximize her quality of life to the maximum.
    Now I can breathe and maybe catch some bass. We did it.
  14. Columbia Craw's post in Owner mosquito hooking bait straight was marked as the answer   
    The point on Mosquito hooks are off set a few degrees but the off set is so minimal it doesn’t rotate a bait enough to effect it’s position when nose hooked.  Just nose hook and go. It’s a great hook.
  15. Columbia Craw's post in GY Hula Grub was marked as the answer   
    VanDam Warehouse.  I just googled what you are looking for.
  16. Columbia Craw's post in Simple Jig Question was marked as the answer   
    Smalller flipping jig.  Nose hook a SK Rage Chunk rather than attempt to thread it on.
  17. Columbia Craw's post in Anyone use a Lamiglas XP Bass rod? was marked as the answer   
    As much as I used to fish Lamiglas and loved the old Excel, XMG50 and Certified Pro series,  the company lost interest in bass rods when Skeet Reese left.  The designer was in the middle of developing a promising series at that time.  He’s a great guy who is now with Okuma US.  Enough rambling.  The XP series have old technology blanks and are not balanced.  The actions are not progressive and take their actions from steelhead models.  Strangely.  The model in the XP casting is the 703.  You would be  better served with other options out their.  Just being honest.
  18. Columbia Craw's post in Terminal box was marked as the answer   
    The new Spro box, the smoke one has double the slots for better customization for your tackle.  I bought two and they are really nice and a super value.
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