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  1. Yup I submitted it, I usually run into a few pin quality pickerel each summer targeting those deeper weedlines for bass.
  2. I'd guess 90% but it does vary a bit by technique.
  3. Made a post-fathers day trip to worcester yesterday for some fishing with my dad. The wind and pre-heat wave shift in the weather seemed to get them fired up. It started slow but I managed a few decent 2 to 3lbers in the pads doing some light punching/flipping. The wind picked up and we headed a bit deeper and really found them. I could not put down the spinnerbait they were all over it but it was a weird bite, my dad only got 6 bass to my 26 😭 despite having the dame spinnerbait tied on. It seemed like a weird combo of going slow while also triggering a reaction bite was the key but they seemed to just like me more I guess haha. Also managed a 25 inch pickerel that hit like a freight train and I thought might have been a pike at first. Fish seemed in a typical post-spawn pattern but we couldn't find the big ones. I did dump a 3lber on a dropshot because I tried lifting it on 6lb line 🤦‍♂️.
  4. My dad had a bit of luck on a jig outside some spawning coves. But with only swimbaits rods my options were limited. I tried working some softbaits slow through some of the weedbeds but only the pickerel were interested.
  5. Managed a couple stripers in the river on Friday ane did some local fishing today. Forgot my normal rods so I had a forced "swimbaits only" trip. Watwr temps were 68 to 71 and the bluegill were into their spawn it seemed. I did not see a single bass on a bed. Only managed one dink on a UFO and some pickerel on an Swaver 200. The bass did not seem very active.
  6. Oooo the big worm bite already? I do love dragging the 10 inch power worms on those deeper areas outside the spawning coves for those post spawners.
  7. I've got a memory seared in my brain of a bass coming up to my kayak on a stormy day in shallow water. I was throwing a Mattlures soft gill and it knocked a few feet of slack in my line maybe 15 feet from my kayak. By the time I caught up with it it had spit the bait. The wake that thing made through the shallow water it looked like a missile shooting off. No idea on size but to make that kind of wake...I don't even want to think about it haha.
  8. Ah yes, the classic "catch a dink on a swimbait, and a giant on a worm" fishing experience 🤣.
  9. I feel like in years that we have a "false spring" and weather is very badk and forth the bass kind of "stealth spawn" during those brief windows of warmth and by the time the steady warmth is here and we're all expecting to see spawning fish it's too late for a lot of the fish. Just a theory but some years it does feel like I "missed" the spawn waiting for those ideal conditions. But nature always finds a way to make do. I picked up an 8" Punker on Facebook Marketplace. The price was right so I couldn't pass it up. Tried it a bit from shore today and the action does not dissapoint. But damnit if fishing that thing isn't a workout. I was pumping the rod pretty hard to get the side to side action it's famous for.
  10. If you guys can get out tomorrow I'd take advantage. Cold rain the rest of the week looks to set things back a good bit.
  11. Central MA, water temps were just a hair under 60.
  12. Got a solid 4-11 in a pre-spawn staging area on the MDC 3pc Perch Crankdown yesterday. She was long enough for a pin but not quite thicc enough to be a 5. The search continues.
  13. I have a really bad habit of tying my PB before I break it again. A while back I caught three fish at 5.40lbs before I finally started catching heavier 5s. But currently my PB is two fish at 6-4, both caught on the same rod. 7'9" Dobyns Fury with a Tatula 200HD, 20lb P-line PF Original Bait 1 - 3pc PB rat Bait 2 - 1pc Monka Crawler
  14. The line weight rating on rods is fairly meaningless. For baitcasters I never go below 30# braid just because of how easily it can dig into itself and how terrible it is at shock resistance (birds nests with 20lb will send your lures into the next zip code). I prefer 40lb braid for most applications, 65 for frogging.
  15. Had a little bit of redemption today. Managed 10 bass and my dad got 7. Most of mine came on spinnerbaits and most of his on chatterbaits. I got the biggest off a dock on a jig at 3-15. The fish were fat and definitely ready for the spawn. Water temps were 51.x to 55.x and we did find a decent shallow bite. But it seemed like the bigger fish were just a step back in those areas. Still looking for that first 5 of the year.
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