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  1. Caught few deep today. The spoon fish was 44'.
  2. Excellent. Definitely a hole in my arsenal.
  3. Flush with water, throw baking soda on it, rinse extremely well, check the metal you can see, replace the battery, install a Seaflo 4700 GPH pump, and go fish.
  4. That's wonderful. I'm so happy for you and us BR members for all the 2.5 to 3.5 lbers you'll be posting. A flat bottom is more stable IMHO.
  5. Game warden snuck up on me today. Did a typical license and floatation check. Ask me why I was acting nervous. I knew I had weed in the boat. After showing them they said I was legal.
  6. I tie the SDJ, Alberto, and every blue Moon a loop. That's all I need.
  7. Four more Spots today. Two on a micro jig and two on the Ned.
  8. I fish two SLX heavy swimbait rods and I'd go with the heavy. IMHO they fish a bit softer.
  9. Only caught two today. But I did hook, fought, and lost my first truly magnum Spot. That thing had to be six pounds. Looked like a football with a head and tail.
  10. I just got home from the lake a couple hours ago, pushed the boat in the garage, plugged in the charger, and went and bought a GIANT balloon for my bride.
  11. Praying. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.
  12. You sure it was a cage and not a fish trap? Either way somebody needs to be slapped around a bit.
  13. Nope. I'm scared of big bass with those giant mouths and bellys. The just fight and pull too hard for me.
  14. Tobesofkee has been drawn down for seawall/dock repairs for a couple months. They're bringing back up now. It's a ok fishing lake. It's very stained with all the rain we've been receiving. I'd suggest Flat Creek PFA right there in Perry. If you want try for a big Florida strain go to Ocmulgee PFA in Cochran. For bank fishing out of those three, definitely Flat Creek. Goodluck and bring us some pics.
  15. Nice. I quit shaving to save money for swimbaits. That shaving stuff is expensive. 😁 #PRIORITIES
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