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  1. On standard SHs I run a Med rod with 10 lb braid to 10 lb FC and tie a SDJ knot. I also T - Pose it.
  2. Priorities. Some folks get the order of importance mixed up.
  3. If she doesn't eat, she dies. I'm with Bird, go at night and rig up a line thru with a live rat. It's almost like cheating.🙂
  4. If it's 55+ degrees I'll be wearing my Teva Forebay sandals. Comfortable, dry quick, and cool tan lines.
  5. It's fine. Gives me something to look forward to.
  6. I'd really like to see some tracking info on the two backordered baits I ordered from them in August.
  7. Went this morning in the rain and caught a Spot on the Savage Bat and two LM on the BS Bull wake.
  8. Snakes no problem, Spiders I just don't like, Ticks I Fear. I know too many people with tick bourne diseases.
  9. Have fun. My traveling days are done, if I can't take my truck it ain't happening.
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