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Community Answers

  1. Another great trip with nice fish. Excellent.
  2. All my girl gave me was a big beautiful smile. I think that's a smile.
  3. Couple freeloaders on our gutterpipe drain.
  4. Get her. I have faith in you Mike.
  5. It's night Ops time here in Ga.. Trips between 11pm and 9am are cool and peaceful.
  6. I have only used crawfish & original.
  7. With Bait Fuel they seem to hold on a bit longer. But not like MegaStrike.
  8. I like it and the Liquid IV has minerals, electrolytes, and 510mg of Sodium. It does help me stay hydrated and the Strawberry taste pretty good. I'll never drink two in a day with that much Sodium.
  9. I drink 6 - 8 bottles of water every day. On days I'm going to be in the heat, I add a Liquid IV to my first bottle of the day. Did the straight water for years and still managed to get dehydrated.
  10. I'm old and broke down at this point. I lift like a strong 8 year old girl nowadays.
  11. Nice. My jon boat is heavy enough as she is.😁
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