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  1. GreenPig's post in Launching/Loading Bass Boat - Beginner was marked as the answer   
    If you've got your reversing down pat, the biggest thing is figuring out just how far to back in for your rig. On most ramps my boat will launch perfectly when the top of trailer fenders are barely submerged. For loading I stop with the top of trailer fenders just above the water as I don't power load, I winch the last foot or so. 
    Take your time and if you find that you're blocking folks, just pull out of the way and allow them to launch. Folks that seem to get upset are usually the experienced guys that can launch quickly and get out of your way, so you can continue practicing. It won't take you very long to master launching/loading. Solo I can launch my boat and park my truck in under 1.5 minutes.
    Don't forget the plug. Don't for get the plug! 
  2. GreenPig's post in Bank pounding for largemouth with my brother Friday afternoon 😊 was marked as the answer   
    Shallow & Stained ≈ Spinnerbait 
  3. GreenPig's post in Happy International Women Day was marked as the answer   
    Excellent. I love women.😊
  4. GreenPig's post in Good Size Bass On Ultralight was marked as the answer   
    7.2 lbs on 2 lb mono with a Renosky keystone jig minnow. I was having a great time catching bluegills until the fat girl interrupted me.
  5. GreenPig's post in Baitcaster drag was marked as the answer   
    I see quite a few pros and Tubers doing it and I believe it's because they're running their drags locked down. 
  6. GreenPig's post in Why do people leave their lures just hanging there when not in use? was marked as the answer   
    Lazy bad habit. 
  7. GreenPig's post in Shimano SLX Swimbait Rod was marked as the answer   
    I fish the SLX heavy and from fishing it, I'd think the MH wouldn't drive the big single hook to my liking. 
  8. GreenPig's post in A total skunk was marked as the answer   
    Skunked! You need some lures and maybe a new combo to prevent that from happening anymore. ?
  9. GreenPig's post in How do you fish ponds? was marked as the answer   
    I start with a Buzzbait then a Popper then a small 3/16 or 1/4 oz Spinnerbait then a weightless Super Fluke then a weightless 5" stick worm. Of course Season/water temp determines how fast I start. Ex. I'm not throwing a Buzzbait in a 39 degree pond. I try to never fish slower than the fish are willing to eat. This tactic rarely fails me and I've caught a few decent pond fish from the bank.

  10. GreenPig's post in Can you help me figure out Lake Juliette? was marked as the answer   
    20.3 mile drive for me. It's a bit tricky to figure out. But once you do it's a good lake to fish. Finesse presentations such as Ned rig,dropshot,Wacky rig, and Shakey head works well on the LM & Spots. The hybrid and striper schools are an additional benefit. If you go back I suggest you start fishing fast and let the fish tell you what mood they're in. I don't want to sound like a know it all about the lake because at times it kicks my butt. Lots of folks that haven't put the work into fishing the lake call it the dead sea.
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