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Community Answers

  1. Dobyns all the way. Lifetime warranty. Great rods.
  2. Vicious No Fade Braid in 50 LB or Sufix Advance Mono in 20.
  3. And how is your spool tension set ? How is your magnetic brake set.
  4. Gotcha. I imagine when the plate is retracted and you have more clearance it may happen.
  5. The only noise I've had is from the brake casting only. The lube gets rid of it.no rattles or loose handles.
  6. Send it back. Don't take it apart. Get another one..
  7. its a shallow spool custom lite with tanso frame. its a super high tech graphite.my custom lites outcast my brother in laws alderbaren. definately will buy one when i can.I don't think the price is way out of line at all.
  8. lews tournament pro or bb1 pro on a dobyns sierra 7mh .
  9. How about the straight braid knot or the straight yozuri knot. Both are simple and won't slip.
  10. i cast 1-10 ned heads with a trd on them with my custom lite regular spool.the shallow spool has to be able to go lighter. i also do that on a medium xf rod. that reel on a light action fast dobyns sierra finesse rod should cast fine.
  11. I have 2 regular custom lites. They cast light lures fine. Why people say a centrifugal brake is not good with lite lures is beyond me.
  12. I use 50 LB 832 for cranking. It's 12 lb. Diameter. It offers protection in rocks that you don't get with thin braid. I never use braid less than 50 on a baitcaster.
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