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  1. Hi all, One of my other hobbies besides bass fishing is diving. Pre-COVID we took a 2 week trip every year, usually to the Maldives, and would get in 25 dives or so. I also do underwater photography. I used to do above water photography a lot but not much anymore. Now it’s mostly underwater on our trips. we just got back this morning and thought I’d share a couple pictures. The place we went was largely for the corals and reef creatures. No big stuff, no muck diving, just beautiful reef. I did both wide angle reel scenes and tighter macro shots and fish portraits. For anyone into the technical details, I’m shooting an Olympus em5 in the Olympus housing and using the pro set of lenses (7-14, 60 macro, 8mm fisheye). For anyone not into the technical details, it’s about 35 lb of camera, housing, lenses, and gear that I carry in a backpack while traveling. I’ve got lots more than these, so if you want to see something specific or just more, let me know and I’ll put some more up. Also, apologies on the upload quality. These are all resized down generically so some have some rough artifacts if you look too closely. thanks rick
  2. I just arrived home this morning from 2 weeks in southeast Asia and I experienced the myriad of things already mentioned in this thread. For this trip we were diving is east Indonesia. Our route was NYC to Bali via Singapore, 2 nights in Bali, 3 hour prop plane flight to middle of nowhere Indonesia (plus a boat ride to get to the resort), then a return with 24 hours in Sing on the way. Bali is the Wild West for driving. Much like China or Vietnam- lanes are suggestions and the more aggressive driver wins. Singapore roads are like London- calm, organized, courteous. The respective airports are similarly representative. we lived in the UK for 12 years and traveled a ton both for work and personally. We went all over Europe, Indian Ocean, south East asia, china. Like DB said above, if more people traveled and saw more different cultures I think the world would be a better place overall. Learning and understanding how and why people do what they do or how they are can be eye opening. And noise cancelling headphones are mandatory. I actually travel with 3 sets of headphones, two wired and one wireless to ensure I am covered no matter what device I’m using or how long I need to use it. we just did New York to Singapore direct. Touch over 19 hours and the longest flight currently operating. The dry air was a lot over that time and hydration is a big thing. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
  3. I keep trying to convince my dad to put a set on. He’ll be 69 this year and is pretty spry considering how hard he worked his body, but he doesn’t see the need. I get it, he has a system that works for him and that’s what’s important. But I’d rather he figure it out before a busted knee or ankle or worse. can’t wait to see the setup for you. Hope it does everything you’re looking for.
  4. I really like my abu stx gen 4 for that purpose. Plenty of capacity, 28 lb of drag (not that you’ll use that much), good size. Pick them up on sale for $150 or even better. another good option is a used curado e200 (also the chronarch e200 is the same). Tough reel, good reel.
  5. Color pattern looks like a bowfin
  6. I like a palmetto bug. When pulling through grass you either want the skinniest thing to keep it clean or if you’re going to throw chunkier I want durable since every pull through the grass is pushing it down the hook. The palmetto bugs are elaztech and don’t get damaged
  7. Some people like to see what’s in the water column. I do at times. Most times now I’ve swapped. with a 7, I’d say DI will be your best solution.
  8. Medium power with a fast or xfast action.
  9. Couple things. I don’t know your setup so I might mention things you’ve done already. scroll speed for one. It’s related to your boat speed and how fast you want the image to cross the screen. Slow boat and fast scroll means a stretched image. Fast boat and slow scroll means a compressed image with little detail. In the kayak I am normally moving 1-4mph and I’ve settled on 4-6 scroll speed regardless. image sharpening. I like low. It adds just a touch of definition with out going over the top. imaging range. Not sure what size unit you have but especially if you’re running a 7” or smaller unit don’t set the imaging range to be too far if you’re looking for definition and detail. There are only so many pixels on a screen. related, if you have a small screen then go to contour mode and eliminate the water column black portion on side imaging. More pixels on the target areas. you don’t mention the size, but if you have a 5” or 7” unit then you have the compact transducer. It takes good images, but the images you see online will be from the larger units and bigger transducer. It’s twice the power and gives better imaging. I just moved 7” to 9” and it’s a big difference. also, if you’re looking to get detail then what you should do is find things with side scan and mark a waypoint. Then come back over with downscan for the details. You’ll get a lot more sonar beams and pixels on the interesting thing and see it better on screen.
  10. the cleanest way to mix is in a plastic disposable cup with a ball bearing or two and your rod turner motor. Set it on an angle and let it turn for a little bit. It will mix right up without a single air bubble.
  11. Just shorten the list to the falcon and be done.
  12. completely agree with you. Where I am, I never need a full 2oz myself and that’s a lot. But, who am I to judge. I just give the man what he asked for.
  13. A set of these is great because the thin tapered rounded tips let you do detail while the wider ones are good for long wraps.
  14. at 2 oz total the regular amistad in the expert is just fine also. I will throw it with up to 3 with an arig but that’s pushing its limit. It’s great in that 1/2-1 oz weight range (plus bait).
  15. Basic ecology and the food pyramid says that a balanced system will have a wide base of nutrients supporting algae and plankton. That feeds the forage base which feeds small predators which feeds large predators. A system in balance will have a diversity of sizes and a lake with a range of habitats will have a diversity of fishing using those habitats. When you get out of balance, nature will try to swing back to equilibrium. Cut out the baitfish and smaller predators get eaten more. Take the top predators out and then other things take over. Ecology is about finding balance and equilibrium in the system. that’s all a long way of saying that fish life is generally good. A lot of other fish in an area means a solid forage base. A solid forage base is the underpinning of all things for a lake.
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