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  1. 😂🤣 I know now with the “bubba shot” and a few other iterations, there’s more than 1 accepted Dropshot application but I can assure you I am totally old school and have fished the same rig for 40 years. The only thing that changes is the bait I choose. 7 Foot CastAway Skeleton Spinning Rod medium/fast. Quality spinning reel in 2000 or 2500 size 8lb BPS Excel mono. #1 Gamakatsu EWG Hook. 1/4 oz QuickDrop Dropshot Weight Plastics have been varied and change over the years but high on list is the Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm and my old school bait a Yamamoto Pro Senko both rigged Texas. 😉
  2. Bite your tongue!😂 That was the hot bait on St Clair this year for our annual trip. It was pretty steady catching all daylong once I figured out what bait they wanted.
  3. As I have posted, we had 30mph gusts on St Clair and ended up walleye fishing in the river for 2 days. Not as fun but we got lots of table fare.
  4. When the spinnerbait bite is on, it’s on. Have used a Nichols white, chrome willow bladed spinnerbait with great luck. This year on St Clair, one of our party flew in from Australia and had limited gear. A new bait company in the states is Bassman spinnerbaits, he sponsors Carl Jocumen and our buddy knows him. He threw that spinnerbait a bunch and caught largemouth and smallmouth.
  5. I have a product called the Grass Goat. Not epoxied.
  6. Need to know year and make of motor. 2 stoke or 4 stroke? Motor oil or lower unit oil?
  7. Good to know but sadly it’s a rule included in a bunch of others specific to the chain we go to. It includes identifying no wake lakes, skiing restrictions by lake and time and a few others I am forgetting. Might be worth asking the Sheriff who regularly patrols when I am up there.
  8. Nope. Here is a pic of the line but not in photochromic color.
  9. I’m sure you know that you are going to have to try different ones out to know. I have for years, summer and winter worn Shimano Evair. Simple wool socks in the winter. I have a second pair one size up for wearing socks underneath. I have a high arch and a wide foot so finding comfortable shoes was pretty difficult.
  10. When I go to Wisconsin, trolling is not allowed on the chain of lakes we are on. I just happened to leave a crankbait out and caught a good sized Tiger Musky.
  11. It was a neon orange that totally disappeared in the water. It was perfect for weightless Senkos and line watching.
  12. I’m sorry but posts like this really make me laugh. Why? Because a rod that feels like a million bucks to me and does everything I want it to, could feel like a wooden broomstick to you. We don’t fish the same way, have differing experience levels, and a thousand other factors that make me different from you. That’s why fishermen usually find a rod or series of rods that fit them and stick with it. That’s why marketing is such an important part of rod choice. The cost of the rods on your list is pretty steep just to find what works for you. The number of rods that have infinitesimal differences would be mind boggling. I understand the thrill of buying and trying lots of different rods and the collecting factor as well but asking what is someone’s recommendation is like making a list of every rod manufacturer out there. If it were me, I would put some qualifying factors on your search like cost and if you want to take a short cut, just go to a custom rod maker and have exactly what you want made for you. Good luck on your search.
  13. I used to be a die hard Trilene user for years before I went on Bass Pros pro staff. The price of their Excel line for me was free so I switched over. For all I know it still could have been Trilene.😂. In my original search for the “perfect” line, I tried XT and XL and like Little miss Muffet, one was too stiff and one was too limp. I found Trilene Tournament Strength in Photochromic to be the absolute perfect line for me and they promptly discontinued it. I was able to find it for a while but it got to the point I knew any I found would be getting close to being too old to use.
  14. In Michigan, we all prepare a dinner, we had chicken pot pie, enchiladas, mule deer backstraps, hamburger casserole and a walleye feast. The wife of one of the locals we meet while there is a baker and we get homemade apple, peach and cherry pies. We eat good!
  15. I have never felt that mono has a low sensitivity level. It may increase as you step up in test but I am a finesse guy first and foremost so 6-8lb test is my go to. I will spool some 10-12lb on baitcasters for moving baits and vertical jigging. I don’t have a gut hooking problem at all with mono for Neds.
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