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    SE michigan and the greatest smallmouth fishery on the planet - Lake St Clair
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    Missouri River, Craig MT

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    Montana native... moved to Michigan in ‘85....discovered smallmouth bass fishing in 2013... 

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  1. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1482708145302485/?ref=share
  2. I’ve got mega live and have had days where every fish I caught, I saw. There’s no structure per se on my home lake. Some rocks in the southern region, but mainly it’s just a huge bowl with perch grass, eel grass, and cabbage - and lots of areas with nothing but sand. Typically if I can see the fish, I can get a reaction. Many will follow a drop shot to the bottom, but not bite. Same thing that was frustrating the MLF and BASS guys when they were up here this summer.
  3. I know a lot of guys that say the walleye chase the smallies away. I’ll catch ‘‘em together in the spring in certain areas of st Clair and in the summer around heavy cabbage with lots of perch.
  4. 1 - st lawerence / lake ontario 2 - stourgeon bay 3 - lake st Clair 4 - Erie dworshak and fort peck out west
  5. I like an XF action medium power rod. St croix avid 68MXF is my favorite, though I also have an ALX Kelly Jaye and a Dobyns 704cb (far too slow for my preferences). I used to throw fluoro but had too many issues so switched to 12 or 10 lb yozuri hybrid and love it. I primarily throw 110’s and 110+1’s. I also have an avid 68MXF spinning rod that I’ll switch to if my carpal tunnel starts kicking in.
  6. 12’s with ducers $1000-1200 10 - $700 or so. based on other ads I’ve seen on the other site (beebeecee).
  7. AB is nothing like the roads. Very little rock or gravel anywhere. Also runs much colder due to the influence of the north channel - at least north of selfridge. the lake is very blown out right now. 2 ft vis at the roads and worse further south. Hopefully it cleans up before your trip. It’s been the worst spring fishing I’ve seen in the eight years I’ve been chasing smallies here. fished hard today noon to five and only caught 5. All came on a 12 ft diving spring craw crank in 4-6 fow grinding bottom real slow. In a normal year, we’d have caught around 50 or more.
  8. One of my best days last fall for smallies on St Clair was Nov 9, with around 30-40 fish for 24 lbs. Water temp was 48. Big storm and winds moved in the next week. Boat went into storage on Nov 20. Buddy caught 25 in the same area on Nov 20 lol.
  9. We caught around 40 smallies fishing a derby Saturday. Had 21 lbs by 10 AM and could only upgrade ounces till we had to go in at 3. Weighed 21.7 lbs. we were in anchor bay. Find tall weeds and fish the edges with dropshot. I fished 2 colors of baby z too - blue glimmer pearl belly when the light was low and Arkansas shiner as the sun got high. Also caught a few on a spybait during a period when no wind was blowing. there’s fish everywhere in the lake. Lots of 3-3.5 pounders this year though I did weigh a 6.14 two weeks ago. if the wind is blowing, go hide in channels or the sni. I fish LSC 2-4 days per week. Going to be visiting Canada in the morning. HMU if you have any questions.
  10. That’s correct. I’ve been catching walleye by Peche island and then running up to LSC for smallies. this past weds I fished the SCR with a buddy. We launched at 6 and had 2 limits by 7:30 just north of Russel Is. Both rivers are on fire right now. fished LSC yesterday saw temps from 44-50 along the roads. Caught a ton shallow. All prespawn.
  11. I fish nothing but smallies on lake st Clair and can’t remember the last time I threw anything as small as 1/4 ounce lol. I have about an equal number of spinning and baitcasting outfits. My spinning rigs are for 3/8 and 1/2 ounce dropshot, Ned’s, spybaits, and 3/8 ounce head swimbaits. Baitcasters for 1/2 ounce swimbaits, tubes, cranks, jerks, Bladebaits, spinnerbaits, rattletraps, A rigs, and squarebills.
  12. For the time you guys are up here all you need is a dropshot and a siren colored dreamshot or bubblegum TRD. ? of course the way the weather has been, they may still be prespawn! Saw 44-48 water temps yesterday. 10 degrees colder than same time last year.
  13. I throw 1/2-3/4 ounce heavy wire jig head with a 3.8 and drag slow so you feel every rock and shell it hits. This is from ice out till end of April. I use a MH to be able to set that hook. Killer approach on LSC in early spring. also throw the 3.3 and 2.8 on 1/4-3/8 heads as things warm up a bit. All summer I keep that 1/2 ounce 3.8 on deck but in the summer I’m burning it a bit. you in a boat or on shore?
  14. Ice was off st Clair March 15 this year. Caught 27 smallies, 8 over 4 lbs in four hours on March 25 (nothing on March 17 lol). Hoping for a similar March this year. let the countdown roll on.
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