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    Largemouth & Smallmouth
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    I really enjoy smaller back lakes, but sure do love the quality of fish in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River!
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    Hunting (turkeys, waterfowl, deer) and sporting clays shooting and exploring good whiskey.

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    Husband, Father, hunter, fisherman, project manager.

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  1. Yes, absolutely. I'm in SE Ontario and do very well on white paddletails, on either a jig head/ball head or an Owner Flashy Swimmer underspin.
  2. The second is a Paw Paw Plenty Sparkle (c. 1950's) which were made in Michigan. They're similar enough maybe both are by Paw Paw but I was googling through photos and couldn't find an exact match for the first one. Both are a very nice find, look to be in great shape - possibly repainted? They'll look great in a collection, and I'll bet they get bit too if you wanted to throw them. https://finandflame.com/paw-paw-plenty-sparkle-lure/ https://www.mybaitshop.com/collections/paw-paw
  3. I've not tried either of the two you mentioned. I use Seaguar Blue Label 8#, 10# or 12# and have been very happy with all - thin and relatively soft, but strong and seems to wear well.
  4. I'm late to the party - I was about to start my own thread about GoPro's because I'm in the market for one, but thought I'd do a search first. My #1 reason to get one is the photos - I've got enough pics holding my phone at arms length, while I smear my cheek with fish slime trying to fit the two of us into another photo that looks identical to all the others. I want real hero shots like you @A-Jay and also it's likely just a matter of time until my phone goes in the lake, so I'd rather keep it safely stowed. I was thinking just buy a GP Hero 12 and be done with it, but maybe I'll try to find a lower model for a deal on FB marketplace. See how we like having a GoPro, and then upgrade for there. Q - how do you take photos? With a GP mounted on our console, can I just turn around and hold up a fish and say take a picture, or does the camera run full time and you just grab a pic out of the video?
  5. I've got nothing to add yet, I'm still just perving all y'alls fish photos. lol. Work's been very busy, and any day I could maybe go fishing it's been raining. 😒 But, busy work means a few extra Canadian Pesos in my pocket, everyone here is healthy and our little Sea Bass is ready whenever we are. My son and I are pumped for it, and my daughter has even said she's looking forward to fishing.😁 I just need work and weather to align - so many techniques I want to catch a big ol' bass on first!
  6. I thought our late winter pike season was gonna be on fire. We were out March 8 and water temps were still a bit cool - 40-43F in the back bay - and we caught a couple. Went out two weeks later and max. temp we could find was under 40F. Tried a smaller lake with same result, and caught zero. Now pike is closed until May 4. 😕
  7. I replaced mine last year with pressure treated lumber and boat bunk carpet, bought at a local marine shop. Glued and stapled, was easy to do and the boat slides on easily.
  8. 22lbs. is a great day! I tried the VMC crossover rings last year, and was quite happy with them.
  9. So many great photos, guys. 👍🏻 We’re still stuck in winter water temps here. I snuck out today on Lake Ontario, looking for some early pike with the backup plan being the early catch and release bass season. Sadly, the sunshine they promised never came and it was very cool on the water. The surface water temps on the main lake were the same as two weeks ago (35F) and the back bays that were up to 42-43F on March 8 were only 37-38F today after a cold snap last week. We didn’t even try pike fishing. I was going to try a big rock flat area for smallmouth, but with a SE wind the rollers were not to my liking in a small aluminum bass boat. So, we went for a boat ride up the Cataraqui River to have a look at where we’ll be slaying big largemouth in the summer. 😊🤞🏻 So, no fish… but I own a boat and was out on the water for the third time in March. If it was only 20 degrees warmer…
  10. I’ve never really paid much attention to the BM Classic. It got a little of my attention last year, after Gussy won it 🇨🇦. I followed it a bit more this year, because it was too cold to enjoy anything outside myself. I’ve got no baseline to know if these tournaments used to be better, but I found the coverage just what I’d expect - trying to make a non-spectator sport exciting, while bombarding us with ads. Our whole world is like that now - commercialized and awash in sponsors and nonsense. So not a knock against the Classic, I’m just about done with it all. I do agree with the earlier comment that so many of these pro bass fisherman seem like guys you could step on a boat and have a good day with, “average joes” so to speak. I do appreciate that aspect very much, seeing a guy who’s quit his day job to pursue a dream and won it. That’s very cool. So I watched some highlights, but only lasted a short while on the live coverage boredom. I find the controversy over FFS more interesting than the sport itself. lol
  11. Actually, me too. I’ve had some fun banging a squarebill off wood and rocks, but everytime I think I’m gonna throw a crankbait, it turns into digging weeds and I don’t do it for long.
  12. I pretty much sat bolt upright in bed at 4am today, realizing I never once fished a Carolina rig last year. lol. I’ve only fished a Carolina rig a couple times with little success, but got thinking I have a few spots where it could work very well. That ended with me watching “best Carolina rig baits” over my morning coffee. One video concluded a heavily salt impregnated fluke was a great bait to use, which I’d never thought of. So I might try those. The lakes I’m thinking of have both smallmouth and largemouth. Knowing that, what would be the bait you reach for drag on a CR? And while we’re on the topic… what proven fish catching methods do you rarely fish and even almost forget about?
  13. Another busy work week behind, but I’m catching up on my vicarious living. Good luck at the tournament @Bluebasser86! Bring us back lots of big bass photos - it’s all I got right now! 🙃
  14. Update: I ended up getting a Curado DC 201HG for my St. Croix 7'11". Spooled it with 20# Berkley FluoroShield copoly. I've fished the S-Waver 168 a bit and a 13Fishing Glidesdale 185. The Glidesdale is 2.5oz. and does feel a bit heavy for my rod. But, I threw it last week for a couple hours and caught a really good pike which was great. I haven't thrown the S-Waver yet on my longer rod, but I think the St. Croix will be great for baits in its weight rating (1/2 - 2oz). I'm on the hunt for a rod rated a bit heavier - there's a huge fishing show coming up in early April, so thinking I might get a deal there on something about 7'10"-8' rated for 1-4oz -ish. I don't plan to fish anything over 4oz. I'm headed out for pike again today - this mild weather is offering an exceptionally early start to the fishing season. 😎
  15. Yes, I fear this whole glidebait/wakebait interest could cost me a kidney or more. lol
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