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    Bull Shoals Lake and the White River
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    Vexus VX 21, Lowrance Ghost trolling motor and all the other Lowrance sweet stuff, Mercury 250 Pro XS, 10 foot Power Poles. Bait cast reels are all Daiwa. House overlooks Bull Shoals Lake. Born in 1942. Escaped from Illinois and found sanctuary in Bull Shoals, Arkansas.

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  1. I keep a scoop in my river boat and a jumper pack, both have received use. I keep a jumper pack in my bass boat, have not needed it yet. With the jumper packs, be sure to check the voltage capacity; the river boat one is not strong enough to jump the bass boat. Check they are fully charged before going out.
  2. Thankyou A-Jay, I'll get you back.
  3. I've used the Palomar for many years and have no problems. At times I have been surprised that it held when I expected a break off. On the other hand, one year I lost 2 big ones on a Z Man Nedhead, when the hook shank broke where it meets the bait holder; with 6# line. I use another brand now.
  4. No doubt that is a good idea. My handle of "Tackleholic" is not to be taken lightly. Owner could possibly add another production shift to produce the number of hooks I would require to do a changeover from trebles. Thanks for your suggestion.
  5. Thanks for your feedback; on another subject, is there a remote chance that you are the same Joe I used to talk fishing with at the gym in Dekalb, Illinois? Pre 2012.
  6. I always keep tension on the line, and attempt to keep the fish's head as high in the net as possible, but entanglements still will happen. Can you give a recommendation for a good coated net?
  7. This is very interesting. I hope that you and others will post further opinions based on forthcoming experiences.
  8. From reading these posts, the Conolon rod must have been very popular in it's day. Most Readers are relating it to 1970's vintage, some to the 1960's. I still have mine and my seriously fading memory thinks I got it in the 1950's. Anyone know the history?
  9. I did not find an earlier topic on this. I use a landing net for both Bass and Brown Trout. Sometimes the fish will flop around in the net and damage themselves with 3 sets of trebles. When I finally get hooks out and release the fish I am still left with hooks entangled in the net; usually time consuming to get them out. Megabass 110's are the worst. I'm asking for recommendations on the type of net which could best alleviate these situations.
  10. I had that exact same setup; recently gave the reel away, still have the rod. Memories from the 50's and 60's.
  11. That's how it was for me in Illinois, but I adapted quickly to the Ozarks.
  12. Alberto and Palomar. Only problem with a Palomar is the length of the tag end when using braid to leader; requires changing leaders more often.
  13. Each time I believe I've made every stupid mistake possible, another new one happens; there's no end to it. Maybe I have too much stored memory and need to do a scan to delete old files, start fresh.
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