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  1. This is a must BR! Just scored Trilene 100% fluoro for $3.75-$5 a spool and Trilene XT mono for $1 a spool!
  2. Always gonna run into gray area when you let competitors run 100s of miles away from tournament take off (Sabine and Houston, Pee Dee river, St. Lawrence/Ontario, St Claire/Erie, etc.). Stop that and you might prevent guys from trying to alter/change boats and/or jumping roads and dams. Seems pretty simple to me.
  3. The regular 65 in Killer Gill is my favorite frog.
  4. Where’d the jacket come from?? And how’s the sizing?? I’m guessing it’s probably smaller than most American brand clothes.
  5. These suckers were buy 2 get 2 free a few months ago on Baitwrx. I got 4 waiting to hit the water in about 3 weeks.
  6. I picked up an Arashi glide bait for dirt cheap so I’ll give that a couple casts. I also got a bunch of Frittsides to try early spring but work is pushing my first trips into May so I’ll likely miss the super cold water bite.
  7. Assassin is hard to beat for the price. I don’t think I can mention the store but there’s one online that sells 660 yd spools for like $27-32 bucks.
  8. This is very specific but I stumbled across this deal yesterday… https://www.the-house.com/ack01876zz-3waters-kayaks-kayak-accs The 3 Waters Beavertail rudder for $49.99 + extra 40% off! I got a Big Fish 105 in 2020. The sucker definitely needs the rudder but I never wanted to drop a couple hundred for it (since I rarely use the yak).
  9. The extra fast Croixs fish pretty heavy (I have the 6’10 in the Legend tournament series). I’d go with the the 7’ m and mh. The medium will cover all your finesse needs and the med heavy will have enough power for your bigger, single hook baits.
  10. I live in the heart of the DC metro area so all Amazon orders are super quick. Not sure if that’s the reason?
  11. Appreciate the suggestions BR! Got a ton of options to choose from haha!
  12. I decided to get an ultralight rod to play around with like I did when I was a kid. Need a reel for it. Not lookin to spend more than $100 since it likely won’t get used too often. Thinking about a Pflueger President or Daiwa Regal but all suggestions are welcome!
  13. I think they’re gonna get me for another Legend Tournament bc of that promo…
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