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  1. I hear you @Koz I went all in with my Autopilot 120 as well and found it cumbersome, slow and uncomfortable to the point of creating hip issues from the seating position and spending the majority of time seated. I decided to go down instead of up. I’ve had several bass boats, V bottom Trackers and jon boats and thought the AP would be “the” answer. It wasn’t. Before getting in too deep financially I sold it, mainly to the hip issue. After several months, steroids and therapy I decided on a canoe which may create the same issues but definitely way less expensive, even with a 2.5hp outboard. Hopefully the health issues have been addressed and the seating position is much more forgiving and standing is way easier and confident. My brother-in-law is trying to give me a 16’ Lund and/or a 20’ pontoon boat but I want nothing to do with either. I’m over boat ramps, trailer problems, maintenance, license plates and insurance cost associated with a full size boat. I can carry a 2.5hp motor, use as needed or paddle the canoe when out leisurely fishing with minimal cost and hassle. Is it the end all/do all? No but a better option (for me) with less hassle and frustration and less expenses. Oh, it’s a Sportspal 13’ square stern I found for $150.oo. Still in the process of refurbishing but should be done soon and it should get me on the water, both lakes and rivers, with or without power. A good compromise.
  2. I carry crappie jigs with my BFS gear which works great. Beetle spin Roadrunner Mr. Twister curly tail on a 1/32 or 1/16 jig head under a float
  3. I love me some crappie and perch! Usually only fish large and small mouth but spend plenty of time on the “bobber fish”. Have absolutely no use for catfish or pike, both nuisance fish to me and detest catching either. Walleye, I can get with them ‘cause they be tasty 😋
  4. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/ Buy 2 or more get 50% off Z Man up to 40% off customs
  5. Fish don’t know the difference between this rig or an Ugly Stik and Zebco spincast. If you have the money and like it, buy it. I like it!
  6. Any experience with the McCoy brand. I’ve read great reviews, supposed to be low stretch, super limp and easy to tie knots. (kinda like me) 😝 Seriously, I haven’t used a non braid in many years and prefer to spool this new reel with a co-polymer but not ruling out a flro. Would a fluro be a better option for a jig setup? Is there a downfall to using a co-polymer line, other than stretch? Guess I better search “lines”
  7. I really like the 100 series reel although a bit of a bfs feel to it with better line capacity. It throws a 1/4oz spinnerbait very well, but feels small in my hand. I thought it would be a too “light” for the KLX 4M rod but it hasn’t been a problem. The reel’s fast adjustability is great and is very smooth casting and cranking. The new series 200 I’m putting on my 7’ GLoomis IMX MBR H/F for throwing jigs, shakey heads and bigger texas rigged worms. I like the MBR rods as they can throw several baits and not just one specific presentation well. My other “greenies” are on GLoomis IMX MBR rods as well; M/F, MH/F and a CBR/F. The baitmonkey rode me until I relented on the new reel. If I like it I’ll probably replace the other 3 with the same. Good call on the line, I’ve been eyeing the Sunline. I have McCoy Mean Green(12#) and Crystal Clear(15#) but haven’t used mono/co-ploymer in forever being all my reels are set up with Power Pro braid. The coil in non braid lines drives me crazy!
  8. My main four set ups are old greenies, Curado Bantam 200’s so I decided to move in to a bit of modern technology. Having already a Kistler series 100 reel on a KLX rod I went with a 200 series this time for my IMX GLoomis jig setup. Any line recommendations, besides braid? Foolish or fantastic. We’ll see.
  9. Which rod did you go with? What reel did you pair it with? What line did you decide on?
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