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  1. N Florida Mike's post in Most recent PB was marked as the answer   
    I probably beat all y’all in total years since I caught my pb Largemouth. 43 years. I came within 2 ounces of it around 5 years ago, and came within 7 ounces of it 4 years ago.
    What’s strange is that  I caught that fish when I was 19, and had only been bass fishing seriously for a few years. I have barely lost several fish that would have beat it easily by several pounds…
    I did, however, catch a LONGER fish about 3 years ago, that beat the heaviest pb by a inch and a half in length, but was a pound less in weight…
    This is the longest one I ever caught-26 inch.

  2. N Florida Mike's post in Mono vs fluoro was marked as the answer   
    I wouldn’t try to change your mind. I tried Floro once , and didn’t like it because it didn’t float, which meant I couldn’t see the twitch when they bit.. It seemed like I was dragging water setting the hook, and  it was harder for me to tell exactly where the fish was. Talking about fishing soft plastics…
    That’s just me. I’m sure there are plenty of others that will try to convince you otherwise…
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