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  1. Had one of my best days ever (in the spring) on a 1/4 oz. Warpig. Great little bait. 1/4 oz. Red-eyes don't make any noise but that might be a good thing. I like 'em noisy.
  2. Hello- This reel was a Tackle Warehouse exclusive but I cannot find any information about it like line cap. weight, bearing count etc. Does anyone have one of these and can provide specs? Have a chance to purchase a new one at a good price. Thank you.
  3. Supple, manageable, casts great, strong as hell and abrasion resistant. Breaking at knot? Hmmmm..... As always everything is subjective and what works for one might not work for all. Good luck!
  4. YZHB for quite a few years now. Giving FC a shot but could be going back. Anyone use P-Line Flouroclear?
  5. Pretty much settled on 12 lb. Sunline Assassin. Tough stuff and pretty thin. Plus 600 yes goes on sale for good price every now and then. Now which reel. Anyone use the Curado DC?
  6. Best thing would be to avoid this. I had it happen a couple of times for no apparent reason and started paying more attention to what is going on. I might have found a solution, for me at least. Every once in a while I was getting a slight overrun, not a backlash, and as it wasn't so bad I just started reeling. I did notice a slight little loop that was getting line reeled in over it. My thought was that this would crimp or weaken the line. Now I pull out even the slightest little overrun, even if its only a couple inches and have had no deep breakoffs since. This has happened to me with co-polymer also but not any more. Don't use mono so can't speak to that.
  7. Some solid advice from all. I'm mostly throwing squarebills and mid depth cranks along weedlines. The BB1 casts forever with the wind but when you hit a few and turn around and go back through them I don't want to mess around re dialing it in for wind or no wind. I really do like the tatulas and when set correctly they do cast pretty far. Maybe I'm overthinking this as a 50 yard cast would be great for 15-20 feet deep but I'm usually at 6- 12 feet max, mostly 8-10. 1/2 oz baits are no problem especially lipless but 3/8 squarebills, which I have been killing em on, are a bit trickier. Thanks for all the replies!
  8. Again- More interested in reel than line.
  9. Wasn't asking about line. Was asking about reel. Thanks for your input though. Wouldn't use braid and Flouro seems to not get as many bite-offs from Pike. Not against giving mono a shot.
  10. What does everyone recommend for a crankin reel. Been using. BB1 Pro for a few years but it's not the best for throwing into the wind. I swapped a Tatula SV TW from another rod and It casts into the wind with no issues but I don't seem to be getting the same distance. One thing is the BBQ had 10 lb. Invisx and the Tatula has 15 lb Sunline. Really thinking about another Tatula SV. My son just got a Shimano SLX 150 DC and he was throwing a few feet farther than me but he was using 20 lb braid. Any thoughts?
  11. $599. sounds a little steep for a spinnerbait.
  12. Had an Xcalibur blow up on me in my tackle box. Looked like it got pregnant while in there. Contacted Cust. serv. and they sent me 2 Booyah in 1/2 oz. Xcalibur say they are 5/8 oz. They did not have the exact color but sent similar ones. They look, feel, and sound identical to Xcaliburs. I have not tried one in the water however so they may sound different underwater but I doubt it.
  13. I think the open end allows the bait to spin around the knot without it wrapping around the wire. They tend to tumble and spin around when cast. Try a small oring over the end and then snap on if you must use one.
  14. I used to catch some nice bass while targeting musky with bucktails. Got one over 6 on a Hawg Wobbler from my favorite small lake a few years back. Musky secret got out and fishing declined. Still get one now and then but while targeting bass. Answer to your question is yes. Bucktails will catch bass, usually larger ones but I think there are better options. If you mean Silver Buddy type bladebbaits, I have no experience. Trolling large Spoonplugs was a method the produced several 40" + muskies and several large bass. Somehow got away from that. You got me thinking now.
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