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  1. SirSnookalot's post in Lead Fishing Gear - Cause For Concern? was marked as the answer   
    I don't think fishing with lead posses a problem for adults, handling and even biting split shots.  Washing your hands may not be a bad idea but I'm not so sure it's necessary unless you are sticking your fingers in your mouth.
    Ingesting lead is a different story, especially where children and paint are concerned, I believe most paints today are lead free.  I've been in a number of lead smelting operations, those people are prone for problems from the fumes, they all wear respirators. 
  2. SirSnookalot's post in Yippee My First Peacock Bass was marked as the answer   
  3. SirSnookalot's post in Homemade Reel Seat Shim was marked as the answer   
    Not a bit.
    I've experienced your problem with 2 rods of the same brand and mode, larger rods and larger reels but the concept is the same.  Any kind of shim will work fine as long as it feels solid.
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