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  1. Anglers dont know what resources are out there, that could help them. I prefish in my living room using Angling Technologies. This interactive mapper allows me to scan any lake using aerial views and digital overlays, create waypoints and export to my unit. Best homework ive ever done. Saves me the trouble of hauling my boat to the lake, wasting fuel in my boat and fouling out my plus running at idle. Best $15 ive spent
  2. Just an fyi, you can do all of this on Angling Technologies Interactive mapper. You can set your waypoints at home and export them on an sd card then import to your units. They have digital overlays of topo's, noaa charts, shadowing, contours, weather, etc. This is how I prefish. Saves me a lot of gas.
  3. Angling Technologies is the place for online maps. The best and it's inexpensive.
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