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  1. http://electric-bass.org/ i fish these tourneys in Ohio. they have a rules page you can check out. 14' or under. electric only. its a great way to get started in tournament bass fishing.
  2. it will definitely have an effect. most fishermen aren't on bass forums talking about the newest lures and such. when the marketing machine gets going and word spreads that all the top finishers where using a certain type of bait, sales on the red eye shad and other lipless baits will go up. whether its a new bait or not, sales will increase. Strike King and other lipless companies (especially ones with sponsored guys in the top 5) are happy today. on a side question: what other lipless baits did you see the top guys using? KVD= SK Red Eye Shad Kriet=?? i thought i saw a YoZuri on one of his rods. Faircloth=i know he used a Sebile. Others? Lane=? Chapman? Ike?
  3. no you don't. in fact, his "excited" voice makes the show almost unwatchable. i really doubt he carries on like that during a tourney or when the camera isn't rolling. hate to knock the guy too much, he seems like a super nice fella.
  4. a personal favorite of mine was the Cabelas Mr. Mean grub. caught a lot of SMB and walleye with it. wish they still made it!
  5. no current. must be the line because last year i had the same problem with the smaller size pointer as well. what line is recommended? mono i would guess, the water is too clear for braid. thanks for the replies.
  6. yesterday i was using an LC pointer 100 with 10lb fluorocarbon line and i noticed that it would slowly sink when paused. i'd rather have the pointer truly suspend rather than sink. is it sinking because of the fluorocarbon line? water temp (45-49)? or did i just get a slow sinking pointer? thanks!
  7. i'm looking into getting a new baitcast set-up and am trying to decide what to get. i currently have two 7:1 Curados and an old Team Daiwa 6.3:1. i'm not really interested in getting a bunch of job specific set-ups so i was wondering what else besides deep cranking do you use a 5:1 reel? i saw that skeet used a 5:1 to slow down his spinnerbait in the classic. i only fish a couple of lakes where deep cranking is an option but that could change as i expand on which tournaments i fish. if i am going to have 4 baitcasting set-ups (plus 2 spinning) is it smart to buy something more versatile like a 6.3:1? any one use a 5:1 for shallow (7 ft or less) cranking? thanks for any help.
  8. google reelfoot then click on the first link. then click on fishing reports. you probably have seen it already, but if you haven't, it gives pretty good info. i've been there 3 times (april, may and june) and have never caught the numbers we expected. everything looks great. miles of standing timber, stumps and lily pads. its hard to know where to start. we have never really put anything all that successful together though. our best luck probably came from starve pond area. have had some success in the ditches as well. probably caught the most pitching senkos around trees/stumps with lily pads near by. second best technique has been bumping crankbaits around stumps and lay-downs. i have posted here in the past (as well as seen other people post) asking about reelfoot, but usually there aren't many responses. good luck. post a report on how you did if you get a chance.
  9. I hear a lot of people talk about how great "old" Wiggle Warts are but how can you tell which ones are old ones? I found a few (out of the package) in my dads tackle box that he probably bought in the 80's. is that considered "old"? Packaging? I've seen older models with red labels and some with blue labels but which one is older? I also heard you can tell buy the address on the back. If its from Oklahoma, its an older one. Is this true? Construction? I've seen older ones with clear plastic as well as the "bone color" plastic under the outer paint. which is older? Also heard that the old ones have a seam down the middle. is this reliable for identifying the old ones? Which "old" Wiggle Warts are the desirable ones? What do you look for (in packaging or not) when buying one? Thanks for any help!
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