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  1. But it's fun! It's been a while since tuning in with Bassresource but appreciate all the advice in the past. Keeping at it for sure and just wanted to say thank you all!
  2. You did and well commended, but you read "sounded" close to me and sorry if I was wrong.
  3. Very well said! And yes you can say that and no I can not punch you in the mouth without repercussions, because then I broke the law. We see it in the NFL all the time where the second guy who throws a punch or lashes back out gets caught and penalized. In my experience, threats never work and it's the smarter one's that win.
  4. We have that same problem here in SC. Wish we could get to the one wrong doesn't make a right to escalate into going further.
  5. I would guess about the same as yours, and I say that respectfully. But it's kinda like driving cars ettiqutte. Some are *****, some just have different opinions, and so on but it shouldn't ever get unlawfully or escalated. Like I would never chase someone down to flip them off because that cut me off.
  6. Cool! And I may be wrong on this whole thread but to me it sounds like people getting mad because someone else doesn't live by the same rules as others and there for they should be warned because there a lot of dangerous "hot head killers on the lake now" Just not how we roll in SC
  7. No, I can't imagine getting so mad at someone while vacationing on the water for something that they and I feel differently about. Boarding my boat to fight me or try to hurt me would be different. My point is: In the very first post this is a quote "not all guys out there are are as forgiving as me and you could end up having a really bad day if you know what i mean" however I would say a lot more are packing out there than most would think. And so they would be suckers!!!
  8. Show the video. I don't understand why if it was so bad that it took everything you had to not throw a weight at him that you didn't call the local law enforcement
  9. If it's public waters, there is not an invasion of space by law. Boarding someone else's boat however would be and shooting them for boarding would be considered self defense if you had no other safe choice. how serious was the bump?
  10. "I know alot of those guys that fish out there and they don't play that game if u know what I mean becareful out there." This is plain stupidity. Like road rage in a car over a fishing hole!
  11. I don't do that either but dare someone to come threaten me on my boat while fishing. I consider it way more dangerous for them
  12. Lol! What laws have the people you mentioned broken? Forgiving as you? You sound like a hot head and any bad days your referring to would probably only happen by laws being broken. Enjoy fishing
  13. Actually catch and release depends where you are fishing and your goals. Bass definitely have to be culled. Public, I release figuring thinking plenty of others keep. Private, I keep the small ones. Tons of info on the net
  14. Does anyone know if a kick plate will work on a motor without a tiller? I have a War Eagle 1548 with a side console steering and the motor is a Mariner 40hp with tilt and trim. I keep hitting stumps and want the motor to lift over them
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