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  1. He'll I could land a big bass on a Wal-Mart special also, but I'm looking for more of something that can take a beating and still be able to hammer the fish, as I fish about 5 days a week if not more. Diawa tatula is pretty much the same as the cabelas arachnid from what I've seen I'll tell you I currently fish the arachnid and it can take some beating from catching striper than right back to catching bass best real I've found so far. I've had way to many problems with the pfluegers in the past I try to stay away from them
  2. I currently use cabelas arachnid reels, because of the lifetime warranty and shimano curados. I know everyone is entitled to there own opinion and has there own favorite reel, but I was wanting to know, which reel do you consider the best as of right Now for catching big bass. Some of the things I look for our is good breaking system good drag handles good line capacity how it feels in the hand and warranty. I know this subject has been covered many of times but why not again? There's always better reals coming out each year so let's hear it!
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