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  1. Thanks for the replies. I launch out of Russo's most of the time unless there is a tournament going on. Then I'm usually forced to launch out of sugar barge. I will have to try punching different areas and see what happens. Most of the time it's low tide when im out in the afternoon. This is my first year of really bass fishing the delta and trying to figure out tides and everything else has been a challenge but fun. I'm just trying to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and learn the patterns but hot summer days have really been the struggle for me. I appreciate the input and will work on my punch game. Thanks everyone!
  2. I've been having problems locating bass on the delta when the heat picks up. In the mornings I have no issues finding the fish but once the sun gets hot my day just does off. I've tried punching with no luck, tried weed beds, Tully, fishing the edges of the deeper pennywort and nothing. I typically fish around Mildrid island, Frank's Tract, little mandiville and the sloughs around those areas. Any tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  3. Called lowrance this morning and they want me to pull the unit and send it for RMA. A little frustrating that I have to do this since I have had the boat for a week now. Not something I expected on a brand new boat.
  4. I bought a brand new nitro z18 that came with an elite 9. When I took the boat out for the first time I noticed the left side scan was not showing anything and coming up fuzzy. 2d and down scan work. It's jus that left side. I thought maybe the motor or something else was causing interference but I trimmed up and shut it off an still not working. I checked the transducer in the settings and it's the correct transducer. Has anyone else had this issue or know what I can do to fix it? Software updates also didn't fix it.
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