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  1. Yes, lots of gators around the Everglades and one in a “town” canal. Also lots of turtles & iguanas. I lost 2 fish to sharks on the ocean. Beautiful birds all over. Some monster grass carp I agree, it’s a busy and crowded area. Not sure I could live right around where I was, but the fishing was fun. *Also, thanks to all of you who offered advice and information! I really appreciate the help, you helped me find some fish!
  2. *this is a long post* Hey guys, just wrapped up my SoFlo trip. I have to say, you guys down here have such great fishing opportunities! In short, I had 5 days to fish and did: 1)Tamiami Trail West-to-East 2)Holiday Park jonboat rental 3)canal snakeheads 4)ocean charter out of Lantana 5)Peacock bass in local parks & canals. -Tamiami Trail was a fun experience. I like to explore new places, and this was that. The fishing wasn’t as hot as I hoped, but I managed a tiny tarpon, a small snook, an oscar, a lgmouth bass and an unidentified cichlid-type fish. I spent a lot of time on the western brackish section and lost some opportunities to the east, but it was a good day. -Holiday Park. They’ve got quite the operation set up there. I showed up early, hopped in a jonboat and took off. With all that “bassy” looking water it was pretty hard to know where to start as an outsider. I started north, got some cichlid & oscar action. Then headed south at the intersection and hit a decent bass, maybe 2 lbs? Fished the south canal for awhile with no action, fighting the wind. Then I came back up and headed due west on the S. New River Canal. I ran into a ton of eager oscars, and they were pretty fun on an ultra light spinning setup, so I did that for a bit - d**n they’re strong. After that, I headed in and got some food from the cafe. I was really wanting to find a peacock, so I drove into “town” and hit a park I’d scouted on google maps. Luck was with me and between 2 parks I caught 5 or 6 peacocks, which was very exciting for a guy from Washington State. -Snakeheads. I hit a few spots I’d scouted online. I had read how easily these fish spook and how sneaky you should be - wow, how true. I saw & spooked several at my first stop, got one to take but missed the hook. Second stop, I found several fish and hooked up. Through the day I ended up with 4 total - they are very exciting fish with the topwater blowups and I was impressed with the amount of stealth required! -ocean charter. I went with a reputable guide out of Lantana, really wanting to catch my first sailfish, and maybe other species. It was a tough day, with a high stakes tournament underway and a lot of boats on the water. But, the captain kept working hard, and eventually put me on a sailfish. Tailwalking, jumping, screaming drag - I got the whole show. It was cool. -Lakes/parks/canals. This was my final day to fish, and I decided the peacocks were the most exciting fish for me to target. I hit a lake/park where I caught a dozen or so smaller ones. Then I moved to a few other places and hit some nicer ones. I can’t get over how pretty these fish are, in & out of the water. One observation was that all the peacocks I caught seemed to be on beds. I sight fished them all and most were “defensive” hits like smallmouths on beds. None were blind casting to ledges or deeper water. Is that something that is typical later in the year? Overall, I had a great week. Florida really is a fisherman’s paradise. You could realistically fish for something, somewhere, every day of the year. As an obsessive fisherman it amazes me. I learned a lot from my week down here, and I already can’t wait to come back and do it again!
  3. Thanks for the info guys. Anyone have a preference between Sawgrass & Holiday Park as far as renting a jonboat and fishing solo for a day or 2?
  4. I'm wondering the same thing, have an upcoming trip planned and really hoping I can catch a few.
  5. For anyone who’s rented a Holiday Park jon boat before, do you know how early in the morning I can get in one and get out fishing? I always prefer to be fishing as close to first light as possible if it’s my own boat. Thanks!
  6. Hey Guys, new to this forum. I live and fish in Washington state. It’s cold & miserable here right now with little to no fishing opportunities. I’m traveling to the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida solo the first week of March to fish. I’m planning on one day with a charter offshore, but I’ll have 4 other full days to fish. I’m bringing 2 spinning setups, 2 baitcasters, and a bunch or tackle(soft plastics, hardbaits, jigs, frogs, the works). I’ve done a ton of reading, research, and Google Map looking. I’m thinking of spending a day or 2 with a Holiday Park rental jon boat. Also thinking of spending a day fishing the Tamiami Trail, west to east really hoping to get some tarpon & snook. I have researched the urban canal fishing quite a bit. I’m up for anything and just want to catch some fish in warm weather. I’ve been down once before to fish in February and we hit it right after a cold front - the fishing was terrible and caught very little. Really looking to avoid that again. I feel pretty prepared this time, but I’m open to any suggestions if you’re willing to share. If you don’t want to post specific details publicly I understand, spots get pretty heavy pressure that way. I’m glad to share what I know about NW Washington if anyone ever makes it up this way. Thanks in advance! JonB
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