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  1. Rod arrived and I paired it up with a fuego reel. I tied on a strike king 2.5 square bill and headed out. When casting rod loaded up well. This regular action is similar to a moderate fast. The eyelets are pretty much the same size as what's on my 6'8 mh mojo bass. I wasn't able to get out early so I missed the bite today but I don't think this rod will have any issue landing a bass. I prefer cork over eva but the handle was still comfortable. The area in front of the trigger is not open like on the mojo allowing direct contact with the blank. The rod was still very sensitive and I could feel every vibration. I would recommend this rod as a budget friendly option. Side note: saw this morning carbonlite 2.0 on sale for $99. Have used them yet but read they have a 10 year warranty
  2. Congratulations on the move. Weatherman is calling for upper 40s to mid 50s this week but a chance of rain. Guess we'll see
  3. Will do. Hopefully the weather cooperates and I can get out when the rod arrives.
  4. I found them online for $63.99. I ordered one. Should be here by the end of next week.
  5. Anyone use the 6'9 medium regular action Fuego casting rod for crankbaits? Im Considering buying one.
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