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Any Potomac River Reports?

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I have a small club tourney on the Potomac River this weekend. Any reports on how the bass fishing is? Are they Pre/Spawn/Post? We are launching out of Mattingly (Slavins) in Mattawan Creek.

Not looking for your secret honey hole, just what I can expect to see the bass doing, water clarity, temp, etc... I'll figure out the rest. Thanks!

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Well, out of the 77 people that read this at the time of this writing, no one could give a report.

So, I will give my own.

It was a tough bite for the guys in myclub this weekend. We had a little front move in during day one. The bite was tough to begin with, but that didnt help.

The bass are in prespawn and the water temp is 56 in the morning and around 60 in the afternoon.

Slow rolling a spinnerbait around the ends of marinas produced some nice bass during low and incoming tides. Once the tide was in, throw a jig to the isolated pillars. They were there.

The second day was completely different. We had some engine trouble, so we couldnt go far. We idled around until we found a large grass flat near Indian Head. a 1/2 oz Lipless crankbait, violently ripped through the weeds, produced bass all day. In fact, it produced 35 of them. Not all keepers, but most of them were.

So go find a grass flat, tie on a lipless crank, BURN it through the weeds, and enjoy your day!

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