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Ardent Reel Butter. Can be commonly found in my household...

On a serious note, if you dont have a fishing reel specific grease, don't use it. There is a reason that they make grease for reels, and it's not so you can use whatever you may have in your home.

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its ok guys, i was gonna clean my blackmax 2 but it completely sucks! so i didnt bother.

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Well, you'll eventually get a replacement reel or have to clean another. The best general purpose reel grease I know is Superlube. It's used in some factory repair shops and is sold at NAPA in 9 oz cans, which is enough to last a lifetime if all you're doing is lubing reels with it. It's a translucent white wheel bearing grease with PTFE (aka Teflon). Excellent stuff. Regular grease like Superlube should not be used on drag washers, however. For that, you want a thick cosmoline-based grease like Cal's or Shimano ACE-2 drag grease, which is sold by a few online reel repair shops. Drags become jerky and unreliable pretty quickly when lubed with regular grease.

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