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Wheel Hub Assembly - *help* - 97 Jetta

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I have posted this on a VWVortex website as well, but figured I would get it out to the another forum in case I can get help here as well.

Recently, I went to my local auto shop and had them do an inspection on a Jetta, that I recently purchased. I was having them check the suspension and they came up with that I need to have the Wheel Hub Assembly replaced along with the bearings. Now he did say that my passenger side front hub is barely hanging on and he doesn't know how it's still on. I can only take the mechanics word for it.

Today, I attempted to replace the hub but got to a point that I needed to search online for the next step.

ANYWAYS.................I got to thinking. How do I know that my hub assembly really needs replaced? I went to the drivers side of the car and tried to wiggle the tire and it doesn't move a whole lot. It wobbles slightly but I am not sure how much wobble is TOO MUCH. When I drive the car, I hear no noises that would alarm me. I haven't heard any grinding or squeals or anything of the sort.

Can I tell "visually" if a hub is bad?

Here are some pictures of the hub assembly. This is as far as I got since I can't figure out how to remove it completely..........Can you see anything from the photos?


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You can't really tell much from the pictures.

If you need new wheel bearings, you should be able to hear them going out though.

In that last picture, the CV shaft boot like it's ripped at the end.

If that's the case, it's gonna fail pretty soon from dirt and dust gettin in their.

You can replace the boot or the whole shaft, but I would opt for the entire shaft.

If you can get your finger in their and feel the grease that would be a big help.

If the grease is really gritty, it's time to replace.

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I ran in to an additional problem while trying to get my hub off. I have all bolts removed except ONE.

Here is a link to the bolt that still needs to be removed.

The other two bolts in the area came right out, but this nut/bolt just spins. I have tried to use vice grips to hold it, but nothing. It looks as if this nut is supposed to be part of the metal piece but some how came apart. There is no hex head to it at all, but rather one complete circled head.

How do I get this bolt out?


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