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What Fish Is This?

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Ok so i went fishing with my friend kevin and the first time we got four hookups with none landed, they either came off or we lost the lure. anyways i went and got those colors once again and we went out today. we were fishing all day and only got one bite, which was this fish. its a predatory fish apparently because it hit a shad colored crankbait. the ones with baby blue glitter tops, the yellow stripe and white bottom. for some reason we have the best luck with that lure. we were fishing for bass but no luck for some reason. i tried flukes and what not, tons of cranks, spinners. idk for some reason i just cant catch bass on this lake. but anyway! it would be really helpfull if you could tell me what fish this is. and its not a trout. post-36795-0-28156600-1334895704_thumb.j

it has really big scales with a brown gold color. i don't think its a carp either.

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Looks like a squaw fish to me.

...er... Northern Pike Minnow. ;)

It's a junk fish that predates on salmon, bass,...anything. They're bad for the ecosystem and should be killed whenever you catch one. In some states, there's even a bounty on them.

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that kinda makes me mad. i almost thought it was something cool. what does that mean about the spot that i caught him in? cuz i thought it was a good spot. there is a creek that runs into this little area where there are tons of cover, looks like a bass heaven. Does that mean thats a bad spot to fish for bass?

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