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New Goal

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So iv just set a new goal on top of all the others iv set for my self this deployment. I was just informed that this fall we will have the opportunity to go for our EIB(expert infantry badge) in the fall. So now I'm shooting for that I'm never gonna get my CIB(combat infantry badge) so the EIB will have to do and some hold it in higher regard then the CIB. the hardest will be all the technical stuff on the weapons. iv got months to study and prep i'll have the PT portion under wraps at the rate I'm going now, the ruck will be alright its flat here there's just no scenery just flat desert and camels, and shooting that's in the bag as well iv shot expert every time with every weapon. I know most about most weapons i just get hung up on nomenclature and the fine details about clay mores because we don't see them much hell iv never seen a real one. I got plenty of time to study I hope I make it iv heard its extremely tough to get like less then 20% testers make it.

have any of you prior service guys or active guys done it whether a pass or fail attempted it at least?

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Good luck. You can do it.

For a good laugh, let me tell you this little story. I belong to a large WW2 living history/reenacting group, many years ago a few of us sought to "recreate" the qualifiying process of the WW2 era EIB, just to see if we could do it, 100% of us failed LOL. No we were not soilders, or were trained to do some of the stuff required, but we tried and were pretty embarassed with our results.

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