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Best Depthfinder For Rented Boats

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The lake that I go to has 20 two seater boats that have 55lb trolling motors on them. These boats are not able to be permanently modified due to other people using them. My buddy and I are thinking about getting a depthfinder that we can mount on the boat when we get there and take off when we leave. would a transom mount be quick enough to get on and off and not be a hassle, or are there some viable options in the suction cup mounts. I have looked around but wanted to know if you guys had opinions. I am in the 50-150$ range. thanks for any input

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I have a set up for a Humminbird 1198c SI for portable use if needed. I demo sometimes as well as SAR, so I have the accessories to use that unit in most situations. You can do the same with any unit.

As far as the transducer, all you need is a large hose clamp (accommodate a 3"-4" diameter motor) and trolling motor mount adaptor to just attach your transducer to the rented motor. Power is the next thing. You can connect the unit power cord to the rented trolling motor battery or get a small deep cycle battery like used with alarm systems to power it. Attaching the transducer to the trolling motor can be done in less than a minute.

There are clamp-on transducer mounts available, but that is an extra cost if you choose.

Just mount the display on a board so it will stay upright and you are all set.

If you get a simple Lowrance unit, you can modify the transom bracket slightly to accommodate a hose clamp. A hose clamp will fit in the slots of the metal brackets. No extra cost for that except for the hose clamp.

Lots of unit choices based on your budget.

This is using a transom mount trolling motor bracket and shaft that fits aluminum boat transoms:


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This is using aluminum strap that is formed to fit over a fiberglass bass boat transom--I use duct tape to secure it.


There are lots of variations you can come up with if you take the time.

I use the large round board due to the weight of the unit. It is a 10.4" display unit.

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I set made a portable setup for my depthfinder using a 1"x 1" deck rail baluster and some plywood. I attach it to the boat with C clamps. Works great. I've used it on friends boats too. I'll try to post a pic.

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