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Antireverse On Lews Tss

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I just received my Lews Tournament Speed Spool (not the pro) with the 7:1 gears. There seems to be a little slop in the antireverse. By this, I mean there is minor "backup" of the spool when reeled backwards. Has anyone else experienced this or this a feature of this reel? My Curado and BPS Pro Qualifier do not demonstrate this. The reel seems smoother than the reel it is replacing, although that reel seems to have a better antireverse. I don't think it's a major issue, but just thought the antireverse would be better for a reel more expensive than a PQ. Any thoughts? Is there a way to "fix" this?


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I'm not sure why but sometimes I notice this when the drag is not tightened down enough. Try tuning the drag star tighter and see if it still happens. Actually I think I just figured out why after all.With the star loose the main gearis free to turn in reverse. It takes a tight drag to hold it from moving in reverse. This is with any reel.

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Thanks, Rooster.

I just did as you suggested and you're right. Tightening the drag eliminated the backplay of the antireverse. I hadn't considered that as my other reels' antireverse don't seem to be as sensitive to the drag setting. I'm much happier now and relieved.

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